Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR: sensor retains resolution and adjusts for maximum detail and reduced noise

A well-known disadvantage of the battle for the champion title, no matter what field of work is concerned, is the need to repeat such a battle regularly. In this year’s “heavyweight” ultrazoom category, Fujifilm’s updated and strengthened last year’s favorite, the HS30EXR.


16 Megapixel 24-720 30x 3″

With such abilities the beginner has many chances to win in the new season. The capabilities are most impressive.In addition to the wide angle zoom and handy flip-down display, the camera boasts an improved sensor, new high resolution viewfinder 920K and a new pixel lens. px. and considerably smarter automatics.

The sensor, a proprietary 1/2-inch EXR CMOS, retains its resolution and ability to adjust for maximum detail, optimal reproduction of contrast scenes or minimization of noise, but features a 30% reduction in “noise”.

Also lags and delays like turn-on time and focus have been reduced. Manual focus control in Full HD movie recording mode.

Improved and manual control in general – experienced photographers will love this machine. Finally, engineers changed the camera’s power system to replace the conventional batteries with a lithium battery: enabling the HS30EXR to shoot up to 600 frames per charge.

The only thing that doesn’t amaze is the lens: 40x zooms are already available. But this difference, to our taste, is not so essential.

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