FreshFridge CN-15 air purifier: the toilet duck rests, and we still eat strawberries

One day I decided once and for all to get rid of the need to buy an air freshener for the bathroom, and at the same time to thin out those quadrillions and what would we do without advertising! bacteria that live without any demand and – oh, the horror! – breed where normally only the toilet duck would look. So it’s war! In a short time, a battle plan was drawn up and cash reserves tightened. It remained only to buy a heavy-duty weapon and go on the offensive.

So we got the CycloneCN-15 air purifier, which is said to neutralize unpleasant odors, freshen the air, kill bacteria and prevent mold.

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Technical parameters. Nominal voltage: 4 “D” size batteries DC 6.0 v. . Power consumption: Maximum 1.0 Watt. Size: 130.5 x 123.5 x 73 mm. Weight: 220 g. Warranty period: 1 year. Manufacture: Austria. Additional information: 4 months of battery lifeI have to confess that I bought this product with great apprehension: there was no doubt that it would work in the refrigerator, but it was not at all clear how much moisture it could handle outside of it.

On some websites they wrote that the device is designed for the refrigerator with the chamber up to 250 l., On others – up to 400 l.Other units heat up more than 10 square meters some units maximum effective area was 5 square meters, and some units maximum effective area was 5 square meters. m., on others -10.

Where did the different numbers come from? I will tell you a secret that I have neither on the box, nor in the instructions such information at all . We can only assume that some mysterious organization has performed its own tests and measurements.

How does this model work? Using the catches, remove the top lid, insert the 4 D type batteries DC 6.0 B. and the lid is reinstalled. Press “on” button, after that a flashing green light shows that the device is in the normal mode.

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After turning on, the air purifier runs continuously for 30 minutes, then turns cyclic mode: 5 minutes every 2 hours. The built-in microprocessor controls the operation of the device all the time. If you press the “on” button one more time during the operation mode, the device goes back to the 30 minute operation mode.

If the indicator begins to glow red, it means that the batteries are low and need to be replaced. Do not use in a freezer or any area where there is a possibility of the presence of explosive or flammable materials or gases. If the unit was in the refrigerator, when replacing the batteries, you must turn it off and remove it from the refrigerator and wrap it in a plastic bag.

When the temperature of the device is equal to the room temperature, you can replace the batteries. Condensation is allowed to form during removal, which is caused by the temperature difference between the interior of the refrigerator and the ambient air.


In the dark you can see that corona charges are created at the ends of the needles producing ozone.

The device is completely silent. If you hold the appliance near your face when it is switched on, you can feel the slight smell and smell the ozone. And though it is unlikely to exceed the established norm of ozone concentration, you should not stick your nose into the grating of a working device.

The first thing the air purifier was sent to the bathroom which is what it was purchased for . Its volume is 3 cubic meters on the other two, the smell of ozone was already perceptible after the third actuation. m. Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen, to work with air we will count the volume of the room – we do not need the area . After half an hour of operation of the device I decided not to wait any longer and looked in to check – I immediately smelled ozone. So this is the volume the unit can cope with.

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Tried using the CycloneCN-15 in the bathroom. But there are some complications, because the volume of this room is more than 5 cubic meters. m. If you leave it switched on for a long time, it might also have a positive effect. But how long is this: For how long??

I’ve decided not to be too fancy and just don’t let the unit cycle. I could smell the ozone after the third actuation. And that means that the device had to work continuously for an hour and a half. It is easy to calculate that without human intervention, the device will take almost a day to achieve similar results.

But this is all theory, in practice it is probably not necessary to achieve such a state when you can smell ozone since ozone even in low concentrations is able to neutralize airborne microorganisms the main thing here is to make sure that the power of the device is enough for this volume of air .

But the best thing that the ozonator does is combat odors. The first time we got rid of the smell of fresh leather on freshly purchased boots. The aroma was all over the corridor. I put the boots in the closet in the evening, put the device on the top shelf and in the morning the problem is gone. Then I did the same with a cream-dyed leather jacket.

After six months I can’t count the number of times Cyclone helped our family: we treated closets and pantry, clothes, shoes, and household smells got rid of. It can be used in the washing machine, in the car interior, and in other closed spaces, wherever there is a need to get rid of unwanted odors.

I thought for a long time about what good test to load this machine with until I remembered the advertising on the box: “The identical trays with fresh strawberries were put into two identical refrigerators with the CYCLONE CN-15 ozonizer in one of them.

After seven days, mold was found on the surface of strawberries stored in the refrigerator without CYCLONE CN-15. In the fridge with the working ozonator the strawberries preserved their fresh appearance and aroma”. Attached to what was written is a picture like this:


And although the strawberries are gone, but to my good fortune, I managed to gather a few things for our trials. Of course, I can’t boast of the beauty and quantity of berries as in the commercials, but for the experience, as we understand, any suitable material will do.

The picked berries were put in two identical trays and then into two refrigerators. Temperature in both refrigerators equals 4 degrees.

So, let’s have patience and begin our photo report about preservation of fresh strawberries with the help of ozone.

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The strawberries with the ozone are at the top of the pictures. The attentive observer will easily notice that the author cheated a bit and put the prettier berries in the refrigerator with the ozonator, but that is, alas, human nature – why ruin valuable specimens of the last harvest, especially since this is the only deviation from a fair fight .

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So what was found in our independent study? On a strawberry that had been in the refrigerator without ozone, already on the 4th day there were traces of mold. With the ozonator there was no change in the berry.


After a week of testing, where there was no ozone, more berries were already affected by mold. But on the ozonized sample, mold growth can be seen on one berry, too. All the more that in both cases, due to the loss of moisture, wilting of berries is observed. How the berries in the samples were preserved was anyone’s guess!

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Maintenance of the device is pretty easy, as all maintenance is to change the batteries in time, and sometimes wipe the needles.

I am very happy with my ozonator. I didn’t even expect that this purchase would get me through so often.

Want to get rid of bad odors, moths and mold, herbicides and pesticides, bacteria and viruses? – Get yourself something like this.



Because ozone is heavier than air, it is best to place the unit as high up as possible.

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