Freedom of movement in the kitchen with the new InfiFlex hob from Electrolux

New York, America – November 18, 2015. The Electrolux InfiFlex range cooker hobs take your kitchen space to a whole new level. Professional technology of induction heating of burners prevents burning during cooking, saves time for cleaning and anticipates your wishes by automatically adapting to the size and shape of your cookware. You don’t need to cook anymore, it’s time to inspire your loved ones with your culinary art!

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Electrolux InfiFlex EHX96455FK cooktops

Invite more friends!

Hospitality and cooking for large groups is now a pleasure. Electrolux InfiFlex hobs have 4 inductors on the left side that can be combined according to your needs. The FlexiBridge function allows you to cook your favorite dishes without any limitations because you can concentrate on the creative process with maximum freedom of movement in the kitchen and without having to adjust the size and shape of the cookware.

A perfect match

It is possible to combine the inductors and select the appropriate cooking method in several ways: 4 inductors working simultaneously and combined for cooking on a long induction grill 3 + 1 such a combination allows, for example, cooking in a large pot and saucepan at the same time 2 + 2 – inductor mode for cooking in two medium-sized pots. You only need to move your cookware from one side of the hob to the other to change the settings, without having to go to extra effort – the stove simply selects the required cooking mode: simmering, gentle simmering or keeping it at a low heat.

Electrolux InfiFlex hob’s professional induction heating technology also allows you to get rid of splashes and splashes in one go and with very little effort: just wipe it with a cloth and your kitchen will shine brilliantly clean.

Built-in appliances

Instant results

Now it’s time to boil water before you know it.

The fastest and safest way to heat up your hobEltenux InfiFlex is now available with Booster: Instant boost in seconds to give you the cooking temperature you need and let you start your creative cooking experiments in no time.

Additional InfiFlex induction hobs with three levels of residual heat indication, automatic boiling, child lock, buzzer alarm, stop&Go function, stopwatch and direct countdown timer Eco timer .

Model range available: EHX96455FK width 60 cm .


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