Food from forgotten products. Cooked by Jamie Oliver and Hotpoint

Hotpoint and chef Jamie Oliver announced the second phase of the “Fresh Ideas for Forgotten Foods” campaign and opened an unusual pop-up cafe in east London. For two days, guests at the press event and residents were able to sample dishes made from foods that are statistically most likely to be thrown away. All proceeds from the café will be donated to FoodCycle, a British charity which fights hunger and promotes the idea of creating new dishes from leftovers.


Fresh Thinking Café opened Oct. 9, 2018, and was open for only two days. Visitors were offered to determine for themselves how much to pay for this or that dish. Recipes used products from local suppliers whenever possible. The menu features a variety of bread, salad and fresh vegetable dishes, all of which we so often throw away.

Everyone could find something special on the menu, whether it’s bulgur pizza, Moroccan chicken, or desserts like vegan chocolate mousse with salt, Banoffee pudding. But most importantly, lunch, breakfast or dinner at the new cafe was an excuse to rethink their views on unsustainable food consumption.

In addition, the brand presented a second video within the campaign, in which Jamie Oliver shows how, with the help of intuitive Hotpoint appliances, you can quickly prepare a dish of any complexity, giving a second life to “forgotten” products. The new video will be supported by celebrity food bloggers who will share their secrets for cooking with leftovers and talk about their contributions to the Food Waste problem.

Good food is a great thing it brings people together, can lift your spirits and give you the energy and good nutrients you need to get through the day! This is why my partners at Hotpoint and I believe that food should not be thrown away

, – says Jamie Oliver. –

With Hotpoint appliances, I’ll show you how to reduce the amount of food you throw away, and how to increase the number of homemade culinary masterpieces!


We aim to change the way people think about food and help them be creative in ‘saving’ food

, – says Alexey Mastilenko, marketing director of Whirlpool in America and the CIS. –

I’m sure our joint initiatives with Jamie Oliver will help raise awareness of the problem and help everyone take the first step toward solving it


For more information about the campaign “Fresh Ideas for Forgotten Goods”, visit the hotpoint.

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