Floor standing universal boiler Roca Laia GT Confort S

One-circuit boilers GT Confort S are produced in five power versions: models 20 GT and 25 GT – three-section, and 30, 35 and 45 GT have respectively 4, 5 and 6 sections with four-way horizontal heat exchanger.


The door can be hinged to change the direction of opening. The thermal insulation of the housing is made of glass fabric. The basic configuration includes a shell boiler with a Crono diesel burner a gas burner can also be used , an integrated electronic control panel CCE-210 SE Confort with self-diagnosis, a safety valve and a circulation pump.

Boiler also equipped with electronic temperature and pressure sensors, circulation pump anti-blocking, post-circulation and anti-freeze protection systems that activate at water temperature below 5°C. Boiler shuts down when the critical temperature of the coolant is exceeded, there is no draft in the chimney, the fuel or electricity supply is cut off.

When the power supply is restored, the boiler starts up automatically. Allowed area of heated space in the initial calculation is 220-500 m2, depending on the model. In fact, the delivery set contains everything you need for a quick selection and commissioning of the boiler: all components are already selected and coordinated with each other. Boiler can be connected to a water tank and is available in three types of boilers with an inbuilt water tank volume of 100 liters modification GTA 30 and 150 liters GTA 40/45 .

The Comfort control system provides connection of wired and radio room thermostats and programmers, as well as control modules for additional DHW and heating circuits, including “floor heating”, including in the weather-dependent mode.

Price basic configuration : 84 202-117 507 Dollars.

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