Five helpful tips from Dremel

The Dremel brand is famous for its multitools and a wide variety of attachments and accessories. Knowing how to use them intelligently and accurately makes your job a lot easier. Learn the ins and outs of using your Dremel here.


The Dremel product line offers approximately 17 million tools and 150 additional tool accessories. An even more varied selection of nozzles, which are classified by color code system.

The colored markers on the packaging help to indicate which category the accessories belong to. Yellow indicates that the accessories are for cleaning and polishing work. The green highlighter attachment is great for sanding, deburring and smoothing out rough edges. Blue represents the category of accessories designed for engraving, carving and milling. Purple colored attachments are used for abrasive applications. Red markings indicate that the tool is designed for cutting. The “gray” category includes items with mixed functionality: drills, collets, holders, chucks. And in every group of accessories, there are also accessories that support the SpeedClick system for quick changeover.

  1. So now you have a Dremel product. Plug in the tool without the accessory, and run it on “idle” for 15 minutes at maximum speed. This is necessary so that the motor parts Dollars against each other.
  2. Start with new accessories and materials at minimum speed and increase speed over time. This avoids premature tooling wear. Plus, using too much force can damage the material you’re working with. For example, how not to work with the 6.4mm Tungsten carbide needle nose piece 9931 . If you work with wood at too high a speed, it can burn, and the nozzle will become less effective, as its structure will be clogged with sawdust and soot. The most optimal speed mode in this case is 5 and 6. It is worth increasing this speed only for short periods of time and if the nozzle gets stuck in the material because of the large surface contact area when creating a depression .
  3. When using the Dremel Glass Drill Bit 662 use a special coolant to protect the material from temperature fluctuations and friction. It also extends the life of these accessories.
  4. If you need to saw a patterned hole you can use the Dremel Moto-Saw. Take the matching wood bit from the wood bit kit 636 as an accessory, mark up the center of the design with the Dremel 3000, then run the jigsaw blade through this point and complete the design.
  5. To accentuate the natural wood grain for decorative purposes the Dremel VersaFlame or the Dremel VersaTip. They are used to evenly scorch the surface of the solid wood boards until an even, charred layer of 1-2 mm thick is formed. Then all that’s left to do is scrub the surface with the Dremel SC472S Rubber Scrubbing Brush attachment.
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