Fitted appliances for Candy kitchen: white white

The presented Candy built-in set proves that budget appliances can be multifunctional and interesting. The Candy FCP625WXL as well as the Candy CH64CCW hob offer many exclusive features: From the pizza mode, developed by the italian makers especially for cooking this dish at home, to the boiling automatics on the regular glass ceramic hob. The appliance is finished in a trendy white color and is perfect for modern interiors. The classic Candy CCE16W-07 cooker hood although it can’t please you with modern controls, works great in the extraction or recirculation mode, will help you save money, because its price is much lower than its ability to clean the air in the kitchen.


Candy FCP625WXL oven

Candy FCP625WXL

Dimensions: 595x595x545 mm. Niche: 590x560x560 mm.

Capacity: 68L.

Power: 2.1 kW traditional heating 0.87 kW, convection heating 0.67 kW.

Functionality: Multifunction 8 cooking modes – light, defrost, convection, grill, Cook Light, lower and upper heat, lower heat with convection, pizza.

Control: Push-Pull push-pull handles, display with touch buttons, programming.

Care: Aqua Activa steam cleaning.

Features: all-glass interior, easy clean A grade enamel interior, energy efficiency class A.

Accessories: 35 mm deep tray, 2 grids, telescopic guides on 1 level.

Color: white.

Warranty: 1 year.

Price: 17 960 Dollars.

  • This oven features multi-flow convection through a system of six outlets, which gives even distribution of hot air inside the oven.
  • A special “pizza” mode is designed to cook this dish in conditions as close as possible to those of a wood-fired oven.
  • Cook Light mode allows you to cook with a minimum amount of fats and oils. The standard size of the oven has a sufficiently large internal volume that allows you to cook large portions in it.
  • This oven has telescopic rails, loved by American housewives, allowing you to extend the tray with the dish to be cooked, which is very convenient.
  • Timer with touch screen control to program the cooking time. It helps you set start times, operating times and shut-off times. Or you can simply set a buzzer to alert you, for example, so you don’t miss the time to add ingredients to your dish.
  • Care and maintenance of the cabinet is very simple and easy, as the oven has the steam cleaning function AquActiva, and the external panels are made of durable and smooth glass.

Reasonable price, interesting functions, convenient operation.

No catalytic panels.

Candy CH64CCW glass ceramic cooktop


Functionality: 4 Hi-Light burners,

Front left and right with a diameter of 155 mm, the power of 1.2 kW

Far left 220 mm diameter, 2.3 kW power

Far right – 190 mm 1.8 kW 10 power levels. Total power 6,5 kW.

Extra. Features: automatic boil.

Control: touch control, digital display, 4 indicators of residual heat.

Safety: overheat protection, protection against unauthorized activation, automatic shutdown.

Features: Frameless, brushed edge.

Dimensions: 590x520mm.

Warranty: 1 year.

Price: 23490 Dollars.

A very interesting model at the expense of extra features. The panel is not induction, but it has a “boil off” function, which automatically reduces the burner power after a certain period of time after operation.

Front burners are the same, but the far burners are more powerful. Thanks to this position the control panel remains cold, which is important when cooking. But this location also has disadvantages: it is inconvenient to turn, for example, cutlets on the far burner, when in front of boiling water in the pot.

The panel has all the usual functions: auto power off, lock the control panel, the residual heat indicator for each cooking zone.

“Automatic boiling, intelligent safety, all necessary functions.

Not always convenient to use front and back burner at the same time.

Extractor hood Candy CCE16W-07

Candy CCE 16W-07 extractor hood

Cooking performance: 610 m3/h.

Modes: three speeds – 360 m3/h 427 m3/h, 610 m3/h extraction 252 m3/h 269 m3/h 317 m3/h recirculation .

Power rating: 150 watts.

Controls: mechanical keys.

Features: noise level: 47 – 62 dB, 2 washable aluminum grease filters, check valve.

Lighting: incandescent bulbs 2 x 40W.

Dimensions: 560-905x60x490 mm.

Guarantee: 1 year.

Price: 7290 Dollars.

Classic dome hood gets rid of odors when cooking, suitable for small kitchens.

Affordable price, classic design, low noise level..

Incandescent bulbs are yesterday’s day, of course.

Approximate price of built-in appliances:

Candy FCP625WXL oven + Candy CH64CCW hob + Candy CCE16W-07 extractor hood

17 960 Dollars. + 23 490 Dollars. + 7290 Dollars. = 48 740 Dollars.

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