Fitness of the future and wearable gadgets of the new decade: Huami Amazfit unveiled new developments at CES 2020

Huami, the leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech wearable gadgets, held its big announcement at the International Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Visitors to the Amazfit booth could see several brand new products, including the Amazfit PowerBuds sports headphones, the Amazfit ZenBuds headphones for sleep and health monitoring, the Amazfit T-Rex military certified smart watch, the updated budget model Amazfit Bip S and the company’s latest fitness developments – the Amazfit HomeStudio sports center and the Amazfit AirRun compact treadmill.


Fitness of the future: training in high-tech style

Take home fitness to the next level! Amazfit engineers have created more than just a “smart” treadmill: Amazfit HomeStudio is an entire fitness center that allows you to workout in the familiar home environment just like in a gym.

The track itself consists of 55 heavy-duty aluminum slats with a comfortable rubber coating. A powerful motor can accelerate it up to 20 km/h, and a 10-level mechanism lets you smoothly change the incline within 7 degrees. The handrails are reinforced to bear your total body weight and can be used not only as a running support, but also as a training or post-workout extension bar. But the main difference between HomeStudio and conventional treadmills is the lack of an information panel. In its place Amazfit offers the Smart Gym Hub, a 43-inch LCD screen which creates a motivating sports club atmosphere at home. More than 1000 video lessons with the world’s leading fitness instructors are available to users: cardio and strength training, stretching, yoga and more. New sports content appears every day, which means that training will never get boring. If necessary, the Smart Gym Hub can be used without a treadmill and after you finish your workout, the gym will provide you with a detailed training report.

But the Amazfit HomeStudio does not end there. The sports center, among other things, is equipped with a 3D camera with artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. It monitors your body position and movements during your workout, allowing the software to monitor your exercise technique – just like a real trainer. This helps you work out more efficiently and avoid injury.

Amazfit HomeStudio connects to any wearable gadget and the Smart Gym Hub streams content from your smartphone. You may join the fitness community and compare your achievements with other athletes or just train to your favorite music: the sports center is equipped with JBL speakers for that.


Another sports novelty presented at the show is a compact Amazfit AirRun treadmill. After your workout it can be quickly folded and stored in a closet or under a bed, because it takes up 80% less space when folded. But this has nothing to do with functionality: you can connect AirRun to Smart Gym Hub screen in the same way and turn your home into a full-fledged gym in just a few minutes. The track is equipped with eight rubber cushioning pads that reduce shock loads on your knees, and the AirRun has 29% more surface area than most popular models. Gives you a comfortable fit for your smartphone and lets you play your favorite music through JBL’s built-in speakers, so you can enjoy great sound while you run.


Sports headphones, sleep headphones: Amazfit AirBuds and Amazfit ZenBuds

Amazfit AirBuds – a clear demonstration of how modern technology can affect the health and improve the quality of sports training. The brand’s new headphones are designed to fit comfortably in your ears even during the most strenuous workouts and don’t pose the slightest bit of discomfort, because they only weigh 7 grams. And with its built-in PPG sensor, AirBuds can track heart rate, the most important parameter of any workout, in real time. The intensity of the exercise can be adjusted according to the sensor and, if the heart rate is outside the tolerance range, the user will be warned.

At the same time, AirBuds perform their primary function perfectly, providing the user with high quality sound. Motion Beats lets you hear your tracks in the best sound quality anywhere, whether you’re riding in transit or working out at the gym. Noise cancellation function effectively cuts off any unwanted sounds, providing clear and crisp sound, and for safety, Thru mode is provided, where you can hear not only the music, but also what is going on around you.

New headphones last up to 8 hours on a single charge and the magnetic, rechargeable in-ear box lets you quickly recharge them just about anywhere. Switch tracks, take incoming calls, and launch a voice assistant with intuitive touch controls.


Amazfit ZenBuds are designed to help rest and recuperate for those who are prone to high stress or just have trouble relaxing after a busy day. They help you “switch off” in the bedroom, in the noisy office or anywhere else when you need to relax and spend some time on your own. ZenBuds are ergonomically shaped, won’t feel a thing in your ear, and blocks out all external noises that can keep you from falling asleep easily. Headphones generate soothing, sleep-inducing sounds and create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxing.

“The sleep mode is automatically deactivated as soon as you are actually asleep, saving battery life up to 12 hours.

ZenBuds monitor your body position, movements and heart rate while you sleep, and provide detailed statistics in the morning so you can analyze your quality of rest. They also have a delicate alarm clock function which gradually increases the volume without disturbing anyone around. In the office, these headphones are also useful: they help you disengage from external distractions and focus on your work tasks.


A smart watch for adventure and fun

Amazfit T-Rex is no ordinary smart watch. They are created for true adventurers and extreme sportsmen: they have super strong polymeric body and rugged construction, capable of withstanding the harshest environmental conditions. It’s not just words: the watch is certified to current military standards and has undergone 12 different endurance tests as part of the certification. They do not tolerate humidity, rain, hail, salt water, alkali and extreme temperature fluctuations in the range from -40 to 70 ° C.

The T-Rex features a 1.3-inch AMOED display with up to 16.7 million colors. With one battery lasts up to 20 days and GPS and GLONASS satellites can track your route for 20 hours nonstop, making T-Rex the ultimate companion for trekking, running, biking and rock climbing. This watch can track 14 types of sports training, from alpine skiing to triathlons: it’s waterproof and can be left on during swims. To make sure sports don’t take their toll on your health, T-Rex keeps a 24-hour heart rate monitor: if the adventure gets too extreme, the watch will register a jump in heart rate and give you an alarm.

The new budget-friendly Amazfit Bip S smart watch also debuted at CES 2020. The Bip line has always been the bestselling brand and the Bip S has every chance to repeat the success of its predecessors: it weighs only 31 grams, has a bright color display, is not afraid of water and can last up to 40 days without recharging. Built-in sensors give the user detailed information on all activities and monitor heart rate, while GPS tracks movement.

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