Fiskars Cuts+More: you can’t hide a thing in scissors

Fiskars, a leading brand for scissors, surveyed nearly 1,000 North Americans, asking them the following questions: How they use household tools, and what features do they think scissors lack?. It turns out that 98 percent of consumers use scissors every day-more often than pens, pencils and kitchen knives. More than 99 percent of respondents said that they would like to buy scissors with additional features, which are universal, multifunctional tools.

Fiskars Cuts+More shears
Fiskars Cuts+More scissors

The company Fiskars considered all the wishes expressed and developed a new product that can satisfy and surprise even the most demanding consumers. Cuts+MoreScissors are more than just scissors: they are equipped with a lot of handy features and are able to take care of such a wide variety of household chores that no one ever knew about before! The new product fully meets Fiskars quality and functionality standards.

Fiskars’ Cuts+More ScissorsScissors is nine tools in one:

  • powerful scissors with a collapsible mechanism for easy cleaning
  • a scissor sharpener and a scotch knife built into the carrying case
  • A knife for opening packages and an awl
  • built-in wire cutters that allow you to cut wire without damaging the scissor blade
  • A built-in twine knife that allows you to cut rope without opening the scissors
  • built-in rope cutter on a removable blade
  • A bottle opener that can be used even when the scissors are in its sheath.

Cuts+More scissors are dishwasher safe.

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