First Cowon Dual Camera Recorders to Be Available in America in March

Cowon introduced the Cowon AF 2 in February, a dual camcorder car DVR that includes the latest Super WDR technology to capture video in challenging weather conditions.


In February, the Korean company Cowon supported the current trend in the market of car gadgets, having presented its first car dual-camera video recorder Cowon AF 2. This product has everything the Cowon brand is famous for: unique technology, ergonomic design, smart approach to design, high quality of assembly.

The Cowon AF 2 exterior is aesthetically pleasing. The main camera body of the square design has a power button, memory card slot, connectors for USB cord, power cable, and external GPS module. Its transparent base makes the recorder hardly noticeable when it is mounted on the glass. Compact, streamlined accessory camera also comes with a transparent mount.

Video cameras

Almost all of the gadget’s front panel is covered by a large 3.5-inch touch screen that captures live video footage recorded by the camera. The menu system is intuitive for the user: you can take a screenshot, switch between the cameras, and change the recording settings with a few taps.

Photo equipment

Let’s dwell on the characteristics of each of the two Cowon AF 2 cameras. Main, front, writes in Full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second. The second one, the rear one, can record simultaneously with the first one in 720p HD at 30 fps. The cameras have F2 aperture ratio.2 front and F2.0 rear cameras are equipped with 2 megapixel and 1 megapixel CMOS sensors respectively.

Viewing angle of the first camera – 126 degrees, the second – 120 degrees. This view allows you to get the clearest “picture” with minimal side distortion compared to the increased 140-160 degree angles.

Video cameras

The “highlight” of Cowon AF 2 is the support for “smart” settings. Thus, with the help of Super WDR technology it is possible to significantly improve the quality of shooting in difficult weather conditions, in the weak evening and night light or against a bright sun. This innovation allows a clear image to be compiled from several frames into a single picture.

Another useful technology, 3D Noise Reduction, helps reduce digital noise. The Defog Function option is responsible for the purity of the recording.

The premiere Cowon AF 2 two-camera car DVRs will enter the American market in March. Approximate retail price of 16GB model – 12,790 Dollars., Versions with memory capacity of 32 GB – 13390 Dollars.

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