FiiO F3 – new in-channel monitors with Hi-Fi sound

FiiO brand introduced new headphones – dynamic in-channel monitors F3. The novelty is distinguished by its unusual stylish design, well-thought-out construction and high-tech drivers, providing excellent Hi-Fi sound.


FiiO F3 unusual design draws attention at once. The body of the headphones is made of translucent industrial-grade polycarbonate, which allows you to see and evaluate the “stuffing” of the monitors. Additionally, F3 exterior is decorated with glossy surface – these are interchangeable elements the set includes covers in three colors: red, blue and black . Vibrant, mysterious or austere: choose the color of your mood.

The FiiO F3 stands out because of its high-tech drivers, which use advanced copper wire voice coils and graphene diaphragms. Graphene is a new nanomaterial with a minimum thickness of 0.335nm, extremely strong, with excellent conductivity. Due to its properties graphene diaphragm F3 very accurately reproduces the musical picture, providing a clear, rich and yet transparent sound level Hi-Fi.


FiiO F3 have a reliable behind-the-ear fit for comfortable wearing, it is equipped with a lightweight and durable polyurethane cable, which has a control panel made of aluminum alloy. It has a built-in microphone that gives the F3 a headset function. Use the buttons on the remote to control track playback, adjust volume, and answer/return incoming calls when using a smartphone .

New in-channel monitor headphones FiiO F3 go on sale in early February.

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