Feminine gizmos: review of the roller nail file Mikma IP-2500 and a machine to remove lint Mikma IP-1002

It just so happens that two devices designed for women are located on the same strip, and they both help to get rid of unnecessary things that appear over time on the objects dear to every lady: on her heels and on her favorite clothes. It’s nice that to remove lint from knitwear and make heels smooth and soft devices that are affordable for most Americans. If only all women’s problems could be solved that easily!

For personal care

Electric roller saw MIKMA IP 2500


CONTROL: on/off switch.

FEATURES: protection against accidental start-up, cleaning under running water.

2 heads with different grit sizes: blue for finer, gray for coarser, brush for cleaning.

POWER: 2 AA 1.5 V batteries 2 pcs .



Design and Ergonomics

Small, lightweight file that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The shape is smooth without any sharp lines or roughness. Side inserts and power button – blue color that harmonizes with the manufacturer’s logo. 3.5 cm long and 2 cm wide at the head.

This cleaner is activated by moving the rocker switch to the upper position. The button is a little stiff, but convenient enough.Plastic, of which the body of the saw is made, strong, good quality. Without planning to, I made a crash test – I dropped the saw on the floor in the bathroom. The scale head fell out, but the device itself is still in one piece.

To insert the batteries, you need to rotate the bottom part of the housing, remove the special compartment, put the two finger batteries back in place and put the bottom part of the housing back. The nozzle change is much easier, in one touch: you press the button on the side, and the nozzle is easily pulled out. Simply press it in until it clicks into place.


The file has only one speed and does its job well. The obvious advantage is the presence of two nozzles in the kit: you can choose the right one for your condition of skin on the soles of your feet.

Since the saw works on dry skin, pedicure is best done while sitting in the living room and watching a movie. Heel care is not a quick affair and it’s worth adjusting to the 10 to 20 minutes required for the procedure. The approximate noise level of the working device is about 20 dB: you can hear it, but the noise does not disturb. The timbre is low, the noise is level, not annoying.

The saw itself is very compact length 15.5 cm, width in the largest place 6 cm and lightweight, it is convenient to take it with you on trips.

But of course the compactness is not always good. The nozzle is small, if compared to competitors, so the treatment area is small, so you have to spend a lot of time on the procedure.

Still need to keep in mind that the kit does not include batteries, they have to buy them separately. It can take you by surprise, especially if you’re getting it as a gift. And a case for storage would be nice, because the additional head also needs somewhere to be stored.

Good quality of materials, two nozzles included, compactness.

Small working area, no batteries included.

For self-care

The electric slicer for trimming lint MIKMA IP1002

POWER: 4 Watt.

FUNCTIONS: 3 nozzle heights for working on different types of fabrics.

CONTROL: mechanical, switch on the body, operation indicator.

FEATURES: sliding head for a closer fit to the fabric, plastic cover on the nozzle, diameter of the working surface43 mm, hole diameter 1.3, 2 and 2.5 mm, removable container for lint, power cord length180 cm.

DIMENSIONS: 200x70x100 mm.



Design and Ergonomics

Very girly-looking thanks to the soft pink color of the body. The head is movable, which is very convenient. The pink plastic nozzle on top, I first thought for a safety cap, which should be removed when working. And it turned out that it is not only involved in the process of treating the fabric, but it is adjustable in height for processing different types of fabrics.

The cable is very long, so a certain amount of freedom of movement is guaranteed, and you don’t have to look very closely for a power outlet. It’s great that you don’t have to buy and put batteries in addition. The machine is powered, and, therefore, the situation that you need to urgently remove lint from your favorite sweater, and the batteries ran out, is excluded.


Three modes of operation, namely three heights of the nozzle allows the most gentle treatment of different types of clothing. The mobility of the head allows easy penetration of the device into hard-to-reach places on the product. High power for this class of equipment allows you to work quickly.

In general, the performance characteristics of this electric shaver can be useful not only for the girl who sometimes cleans her clothes from lint, but also the costumer in some dance group, where you have to take care of a lot of clothes.

High power, long cord, three modes.

Not a very clear indication when switching modes.

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