February 23 presents: air washer Polaris PAW 4204Di

Polaris Air Washer

PAW 4204Di

works on the principle of natural vaporization, creating an optimal microclimate.

Polaris PAW 4204Di air washer

Air washer


The PAW 4204Di is equipped with an electronic hygrometer, which allows you to determine the humidity level in the room as accurately as possible. Thanks to the natural evaporation technology implemented in this model, the saturation of the air with water molecules is as gentle and uniform as possible.

The ionizer built in the sink saturates the air with negatively charged particles and reduces the static electricity created in the room due to the large amount of fine dust in the air.

By continuously circulating the air, it reduces the concentration of harmful microorganisms.

Three modes of humidification and air purification.

In addition, the night mode is provided: it does not disturb even the most delicate sleep, because in this mode the device is almost silent about 22 decibels and is not backlit. Easy to understand settings and modes thanks to a bright display and intuitive touch screen control panel.

Polaris PAW 4204Di

A water tray with a capacity of 4.2 liters is enough to continuously run for 25 hours and keep a healthy room atmosphere in a space of up to 28 square metres. m.

If the water runs out, the washer shuts off on its own. You can also use the timer automatic shutdown.

The innovative upward-filling system makes the air washer especially convenient to use – you can fill the reservoir by pouring water directly onto the display.

Air washer


The PAW 4204Di is ideal for modern interiors.

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