Fast and accurate spraying with the new spray gun from Bosch Green

Quick and easy spraying with professional quality results – now you can do it with the new Bosch Green PFS 2000 spray gun.




The PFS 2000 is a tool designed for coating large surfaces with paint, varnish, stain and other substances. The AllPaint system is suitable for working with all paints. No need to worry when you are buying paint – the PFS 2000 sprays absolutely everything!

The spray gun can be used for both walls and wood. It is equipped with two nozzles. The switching of the operating mode is done in no time at all, no need to disassemble the device or attach new nozzles. The airbrush gun provides you with an order of magnitude more labor productivity when painting than when working manually with a brush or roller.


The Bosch Green PFS 2000 has a special design. The nozzle is connected to the tool body through a flexible hose, and the spray gun is also equipped with a special strap. The housing can be hung on the shoulder, not in the hand, for better handling during the painting process. The hose and grip extension make it easy to reach even the hardest-to-reach corners of the substrate. This allows the craftsman to operate easily, quickly and with less fatigue. Its compact dimensions are an additional plus.


The Bosch Green PFS 2000 spray gun has many functions and design features that allow even an amateur to achieve unbeatable painting results. Consistent, high-quality coloring of walls and wood is achieved with the Bosch All Paint system. Easy Select function makes it easy to adjust the tool to the type of paint you are using – clear icons on the tool body tell you which nozzle and paint flow rate to use. In addition, the tool comes with a color-coding manual and instructional DVD. Viscosity meter is also available to measure the viscosity of the substance being used.

Increased productivity

The new spray gun from Bosch Green offers you more spray power than with comparable products from previous generations. The PFS 2000 is up to 60 percent more powerful than the Bosch Green PFS 55 – it now has 440 W. The paint reservoir is almost one third larger: The PFS 2000 has a capacity of 800 ml. All of this allows you to paint a larger area in a shorter amount of time.

The features

PFS 2000


440 W


200 ml/min


2 kg

Container capacity

800 ml

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