Fascinating silence: the kettle Vitek VT-1180B

Vitek brand has created the world’s first silent kettle with an innovative ceramic coating. Despite a variety of models available on the market, manufacturers for a long time could not meet the main demand of consumers – to create a kettle, which does not make a loud unpleasant sound when boiling. Vitek managed to cope with this challenge. Now there is such a kettle!

Electric kettles

Thanks to the patented, unique in the world heating element with a ceramic coating of the German firm Weilburger, boiling water is noiseless. It differs drastically from electric kettles with steel heating element. Due to the design of the kettle’s heating element, which includes a powerful heating element and a rather thin aluminum base, the temperature at the bottom of the kettle is distributed extremely unevenly. You can see that during the boiling process in a standard kettle the bubbles are localized at the bottom in a rather narrow area. This area is shaped like a horseshoe and exactly matches the shape of the heater attached to the back of the bottom.

Vitek research shows that ceramic coating helps to spread heat more evenly on the bottom and thus greatly reduces noise level. In addition, the ceramic coating has several other advantages. Ceramic non-stick properties allow reducing the amount of limescale which also causes the noise of boiling water.

You will also appreciate the ease of maintenance of the kettle. As already mentioned, the ceramic heating element generates less limescale and is much easier to clean than the steel element. Ceramic is one of the most environmentally friendly materials that retain beneficial properties of water. You will not be disturbed by the strange taste of drinks prepared in a ceramic-coated kettle, but the taste and aroma remain exactly as you expect them to be.

Kettle body is made of high quality heat-resistant color glass Schott Duran blue. Schott Duran glass is temperature-resistant and impact-resistant 3 times stronger than regular glass , making the VT-1180B kettle safe to use. Unique German technology Colored Schott Duran Glass, will turn the kettle into an original accessory in your kitchen. Fill your home with comfort and surprise your guests will also allow multi-level interior lighting tank Colour Fusion, which creates a unique atmosphere, changing the hues, both in standby mode and during operation. Magic Bubble technology enhances the visual effect – while boiling water at the bottom of the kettle bubbles appear, resembling small pearls. Magically shimmering in the light, they fly upwards, which produces a truly mesmerizing effect!

An additional feature of this kettle is the useful Keep Warm function with a PTC element that keeps the water temperature as accurate as possible. The kettle’s 360° swivel function allows convenient use by both right- and left-handed users. The certified English OTTER controller guarantees a longer life of the kettle.

The VT-1180B kettle combines revolutionary innovative technology, mesmerizing beauty and silence!

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