Face to face: Beurer hairbrush for clear and radiant skin

Active use of sunscreens and other face protectors in summer has its consequences. And now it’s time to take control. To get your face in order after summer travel and active sun, first of all you need to thoroughly clean your pores – any beautician will tell you that. And only after that is recommended to take a variety of vitamin courses, applying masks and other regenerative manipulations. You can go to the salon for a cleaning or use the Beurer FC 95 Pureo Deep Cleansing facial brush. The second one is not only more economical, but also deserves to become a good habit. The fact that this brush is suitable for daily use and very well cope with their duties. See how it works


What to do?

All you need to do is wash your face every day, morning and evening, with your regular washcloth with Beurer FC95. Handling the gadget is easy: one press on the central button starts the nozzle in a circular motion, and a second press provides a more intense rotation. The device has a total of three speeds – you can choose the most comfortable for you. Very convenient that the brush can be used even in the shower or while taking a bath thanks to the water resistant design. The treatment itself takes only a short time, but it is an enjoyable experience.

Gentle but deep cleansing

It works by reinforcing the cleanser and getting even deeper into your skin, letting the gel penetrate into your pores. Four nozzles for different skin types and intensities. At the same time Beurer FC95 treats your skin gently and tenderly, so peeling is not to be feared.

As with all procedures, it is important to use the brush regularly, and then the result will not be long to wait. Your pores will be smaller and clearer, and you will have a radiant, healthy-looking complexion thanks to the massage and gentle exfoliation.


What treatment can be added?

To enhance the effect, you can occasionally use the Beurer FC 72 Pureo Ionic Hydration Facial Sauna. This device opens facial pores, deep cleanses and stimulates blood circulation, and ionization technology provides extra deep hydration. Use the sauna together with the Beurer FC95 Deep Peel head – this tandem can replace expensive trips to the spa. Moreover, it is a pleasure to use.

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