Extended range of Daikin VRV IV-S indoor units

Daikin has implemented the possibility of connecting FNQ-A series indoor units to the MiniVRVIV-S system.

Climate technology

FNQ-A – shell-less flush-mounted chillers, in performance range 2.6, 3.4, 5.0 and 6,0 kW. With a thickness of just 200mm and a height of 620mm, the units fit easily into a niche under a window. The unit can be placed on the legs of the standard kit or mounted on a wall.


FNQ-A units are equipped with a high static pressure fan up to 40 Pa , it is possible to connect ducts to them, hide the system in a box or a column, and supply the air into the room through the grid from the upper zone to ensure even temperature distribution.

Updated in mid-2015, the Mini VRV S-series, RXYSQ-T and RXYSCQ-T Compact outdoor units gave users new benefits. The most significant change in the range is the expansion of the product range with new units of 8, 10 and 12 HP 22.4-33.5 kW with a shallow footprint. These units have 40% to 60% less footprint than similar capacity units with a traditional base. Important innovation is the Compact 4 and 5 HP outdoor units with one fan. Low height of these units only 83 cm and 30% less weight than VRV III-S give even more mounting options.

Connection of FNQ-A to Mini VRV IV-S system is realized with the help of BPMKS adapters.

Daichi company – distributor of Daikin climatic equipment in America – is one of the leading American climatic companies. Main business – wholesale supply of climatic equipment of world leading manufacturers through the network of authorized dealers in all regions of America.

For customers there is a single Daichi customer service number 8-800-200-00-05 calls are free of charge from any city in the American Federation .

Additional information can be found on daichi website.

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