Elinchrom deflectors. A unique and inexpensive tool for the photographer.

Elinchrom presents a unique set of deflectors reflectors – simple tools that can quickly and easily change the color temperature of a flash.A fitted deflector blocks direct light from the flash lamp, so that only the light reflected from the side panels hits the subject and the light is softer.


What the deflector can do:

– Change the hardness of the light

– Change the contrast

– Soften shadow lines

– Eliminate unnecessary shadows.

Semi-transparent and frosted deflectors allow a certain amount of direct light to the subject, so you can adjust the hardness of the light. The silver baffle is opaque, the light is softer and cooler, and the color temperature decreases. Golden deflector is opaque too, the light is soft but color temperature is higher and the picture appears more “warm.

The deflector is installed in the umbrella hole of the monoblock or the light head of the generator. At the same time, it does not interfere with the softbox installation at all. It is possible to obtain an effect similar to using a portrait dish. To get even more soft light, you can install a diffuser on the softbox.


Use the deflectors with any reflector, softbox, and portrait plate. It is necessary to note, that the umbrella hole of Elinchrom devices, as a rule, is a little less, than at devices of other brands, and makes 7-8 mm. The deflector has a diameter of 14 cm.

Sample photo with the deflectors taken with the D-Lite RX One monoblock and softbox . Pay attention to shadow edges, differences in brightness, color temperature, contrast on the face:


Gold deflector


Frosted deflector


Silver deflector


Transparent deflector

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