Electrolux vacuum cleaners: smart or strong? And what a non-dusty?

R&aring d&R&ouml n, an independent Swedish magazine specializing in consumer product testing, recently tested 14 vacuum cleaners designed with the environment in mind. The UltraSilencer Green ZUSG3901 is the winner, being the most effective and the most silent of the vacuum cleaners tested.

UltraOne Green ZG8800 came in second, slightly behind.

Power is power, no need for cleanliness?

Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

Powerful motor doesn’t necessarily guarantee better cleaning results, and this test proved it once again. According to R&aring d&R&ouml n, more important is the design of the vacuum cleaner, the presence of good blades on the impeller and nozzles.

In addition, environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners not only use less energy but also make less noise.

Heinrich Troberg, regional service manager for premium products, notes: “The UltraSilencer and UltraOne Green consume the least amount of energy of all the products tested in the same class.

At the same time, they showed better efficiency than the most advanced products of our competitors from German, Dutch and Korean manufacturers.

This test confirms our conviction that creating an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner that combines high cleaning power, quiet operation and ease of use is absolutely possible. And that makes Electrolux the market leader in vacuum cleaners that meet all environmental requirements!”.

Cecilia Nord, vice president of sustainability and resource efficiency for small appliances, adds: “Today, we are uniquely positioned in the marketplace with products that outperform all others in both performance and environmental compliance. Let’s use this opportunity to the full!”

István Kiss, Project Manager at Electrolux Hungary, was involved in the development of the environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner right from the start. He recalls, “We began developing the first green vacuum cleaner in 2007 with the renowned UltraSilencer Green.

The next big step was taken in 2010 when a new “green” category was introduced, consisting of five vacuum cleaners with many new eco features: for example, they were made using recycled plastic 55-70% , had smaller motors 900-1,250 watts , their packaging was made using recycled material 65-100% , they came with biodegradable plastic bags and eco-friendly dustbags.

As a project manager, I can say that this is an interesting field with unlimited possibilities, but we have to teach consumers to make the right choice in favor of products that are environmentally friendly instead of products that have a lot of power.

This test focuses on eco-friendly models and shows that our vacuum cleaners are the best.

Today in Hungary environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners make up 5-6 % of production. That’s not high, but more importantly the process has already started and we have an opportunity to help our planet, even if it’s just to buy a vacuum cleaner.”.

Ideal for people with allergies!

Big appliances for the kitchen

This high-end S-bag HEPA anti-allergy E206 vacuum cleaner is especially useful for people with allergies.

Its new material provides the highest HEPA level 10 air filtration and traps micro dust particles, pollen, pet allergens and dust mites – all particles as small as 1 micron this is 15 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair .

The dust bag will not slow down!

Usually if the bag is half full, cleaning efficiency is greatly reduced. But not with our synthetic vacuum cleaner S-bag classic long performance(E201 .

It was specifically designed to clean with maximum efficiency until it was full when it could be thrown away. The s-bag classic lasts up to 50 percent longer than a standard s-bag. And thanks to an innovative design, the capacity has increased by 15 percent.

UltraSilencer Green

Electrolux on the hunt for environmentally friendly solutions.

Electrolux seeks eco-friendly solutions to create a vacuum cleaner made 100% from recycled plastics.

Thanks to technological advances and a close relationship with high-quality plastic recycling suppliers, in just the last three years Electrolux has managed to increase this figure from 55% to 70%.

The initiative to produce a vacuum cleaner from plastic debris collected in vulnerable marine ecosystems has intensified the dialogue between the plastics recycling industry and Electrolux, and the international home appliance manufacturer continues its efforts to achieve 100%.

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