Electrolux appliances win two Product of the Year awards

New York, America, April 15, 2016. Electrolux won two awards at the 13th National Consumer Electronics Product of the Year Awards. The winner in the small appliances for mechanical food processing category was the Electrolux kitchen machine

Expressionist Collection EKM7300

, And in the category Best Oven the winner of the nomination was the oven

AEG BE5300252M


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The Electrolux Expressionist Collection EKM7300 kitchen machine is the winner in the ‘small appliances for mechanical food processing’ category

The Product of the Year Award is now in its 13th year and is one of the most respected competitions in consumer electronics. Selections are in 3 categories – Photography, Materials & Equipment, Mobile & Digital Devices, and Home Appliances. A judging panel of independent experts and leading industry publications honors only the best in each category with the Product of the Year award.

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Electrolux Expressionist Collection EKM7300 Kitchen Appliance Winner in the Small Domestic Appliances for Mechanical Food Processing Category. It is based on professional technology specifically to emphasize creativity and allow you to easily prepare fresh bread, delicate pastries and airy desserts at any time in your own kitchen. A 1000 watt motor with 10 operating modes guarantees the best results, and professional attachments and optional accessories meat grinder, graters, pasta accessories give you flexibility in use.


The winner in the oven category is the AEG BE5300252M oven with AEGPlusSteam function.Steam offers a world of culinary possibilities, allowing you to create a variety of dishes in the comfort of your own home. The multifunctional oven is ideal for lovers of home baking. The steam function increases oven humidity, making it easier to bake pies and crispy, golden-crusted bread, all while delivering light, fluffy bakery products. And with a special probe you’ll always know to what degree your meal is cooked.

About the Product of the Year Award

National Product of the Year Award has been given to the best home appliances since 2004. The award aims to form a civilized market of services in the field of consumer electronics, at the same time helping consumers make the right choice. The 2016 awards were held in 3 categories: photographic equipment, supplies and equipment, mobile and digital devices, and consumer electronics.

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