Electrolux and Taste Festivals (UK) for the first time presented Taste Festival in New York

The international project TASTE, which sets the international standard for haute cuisine, was held for the first time in New York on November 22-24 with the support of Electrolux. The first TASTE Festival was held in London ten years ago and since then has been one of the main events in the cultural life of England. To date, the festival has expanded to 18 cities around the world: Amsterdam, Dubai, Dublin, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, Milan, Melbourne, New York, Mumbai, Oslo, Auckland, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Stockholm, Helsinki. And in 2013, the Festival was held in New York, Paris, Oslo and Stockholm for the first time. The aim of the Festival is to develop taste and teach proper perception of gastronomic aesthetics.


Electrolux is the main technical sponsor for Taste in all of the countries where it takes place. The reason for such close cooperation is that Electrolux, with years of experience in manufacturing professional equipment, introduces all technological innovations in home appliances, so that the taste and gastronomic aesthetics was in every home, not only in the professional kitchens of restaurants!

This year Electrolux celebrates 100 years of professional experience and heritage in a big way by inviting world famous chefs to the culinary Festival in New York. Culinary masterpieces were presented to the judgment of the festival’s guests by foreign stars Alin Williams, brothers Peter and Jongrey Sanchez-Iglesias, Pietro Rongoni, Christian Lorenzini, Mirko Zago, Rich Morales, Humberto Rocca, Valentino Bontempi, Herve Courtu, and by American famous chefs, Sergey Berezutsky, Vladimir Mukhin, Dmitry Zotov, Anton Salnikov and others.

At the Festival of haute cuisine connoisseurs could admire a real culinary show from the world’s top chefs, which took place at three interactive venues.

At the Electrolux Taste Theatre, guests felt like spectators while well-known chefs from the world’s capitals performed on stage and created culinary masterpieces.

Electrolux Chefs’ Secrets platform gave its guests an opportunity to cook their own delicious meals under the guidance of the best chefs: On November 22 Hervé Courtout chef of Nobu restaurant in New York and Dubai introduced the participants to the recipe for scallops with foie gras under vanilla-den-miso sauce on November 23 Chef Pero Vrsalovic from Croatia taught his guests to cook Mediterranean roast beef and on the last day of the Festival November 24 Glen Balis chef of Nedalni Vostok restaurant surprised everyone with a recipe for tender trout crudo.

At a unique venue – Electrolux Chef’s Table in a chamber-like atmosphere the famous Michelin-starred chefs from Great Britain Peter and Johnrey Sanchez-Iglesias prepared dishes from the special menu for their guests sitting at one common table. The chefs personally talked to the guests and shared their culinary secrets,

The Taste Festival is a new high level journey into Gastronomy, a pleasure of culinary masterpieces by professionals and an unforgettable time! Electrolux appliances are part of the journey!

This year’s fall stargazing was best seen in the capital! The Sanchez-Iglesias brothers confirmed their participation in the Taste Festival in New York! Johnray and Peter are Britain’s youngest Michelin chefs.

In 2006, Johnray and Peter took over the Casamia restaurant in Bristol, formerly owned by their parents. It’s where, from a young age, the brothers learned, practiced and gained the experience they needed. The brothers won their Michelin star in 2009 when Johnray was 25 and Peter 23.

Casamia restaurant is an experimental Italian cuisine: not just good and delicious food, but an incredibly wide range of gustatory experiences. Under the management of the Sanchez-Iglesias brothers, the restaurant won its first Michelin star, was named Best Restaurant on Gordon Ramsay’s British Channel 4 show, and won four AA Rosette awards.

The brothers showed their gastronomic talents on November 23 at the VIP-lunch Electrolux Chef’s Table at the New York festival Taste. Peter and Johnray treated their guests to their best dishes: the appetizer was scallops in batter with fried cabbage and apple puree. The main course was fried duck breast with root vegetables in their own juice. And for dessert there was pear mashed potatoes with custard and bay leaf meringue.

The special guests of the lunch were: Mikhail Idov GQ editor-in-chief with his wife Lily, Oleg Roy writer , Alexander Lobanov actor , Elena Smirnova Top Beauty editor-in-chief , Alisa Emelyanova Elle editor , Natalia Lucchesi designer and decorator with her husband Vincent, Herve Courtout Nobu chef in New York and Dubai , Ilya Varlamov blogger and Sergey Muhamedov blogger .

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