Electrolux Air Gate convector: warms and cleans under parental control

In light of rising energy costs and the environmental concerns Electrolux specialists decided to create an energy efficient convector Air Gate with an air filtration system. A new generation convector Air Gate embodies the innovative solutions that help to provide warmth in the house, while using energy more efficiently and ensuring air purification.

Gas heaters

The aerodynamic design of the case, the low position of the heating element, the carefully thought-out configuration of the convection box and the special shape of the air outlet louvers help to create a strong convective stream that quickly and evenly heats any room.

High energy efficiency of convectors heaters Air Gate is explained by the features of the heating element X-DUOS. The X-shaped monolithic structure, made of aluminium alloys, minimises heat losses and provides instant heating, and has one of the highest reliability and service life ratings. X-DUOS heating element has a “shell” surface, which increases its heat output by 20% compared to traditional monolithic heating elements.

Rational use of energy by choosing between full and half power modes. The second option is especially convenient for people living in houses with a quota power supply, convector operation in a half-power mode allows to reduce the load on the electricity grid.

EF, EF Plus, EF Plazma with precision thermostat. Precision to a tenth of a degree allows you to achieve high efficiency – over 90%, as well as saving a significant amount of energy up to 20% compared to the work of thermostats of other types .

Allows you to adjust the temperature by 1 degree Celsius in steps from 5 to 30°C. Convectors have an informative LED display, which shows modes of operation, set and actual temperature. For convectors Air Gate the AutoRestart, “Parental control”, “Memory of the settings” functions are provided.

Air Gate multi-filter complete air cleaning system. Anti-static filter traps large and medium dust, charcoal filter absorbs unpleasant odors and cleans the air from different chemical compounds, catechin and Nano-silver filters get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses in the air. Filters are easy to use.

In addition, the Air Gate cleaning system prevents dust from accumulating on the heating element, preventing the formation of bad smells and increasing the lifetime of the device.

EF Plus and EF Plasma have an air ionisation function.

The Air Gate heaters do not circulate dust, do not change the humidity level in the room, and do not burn oxygen. They are fireproof, survive voltage fluctuations in the electrical network, have a high degree of protection against moisture, self-diagnostics, and are protected against overheating and abnormal power outages.

Electric convectors Air Gate can be placed permanently mounted on the wall and floor mounted on special legs with rollers . Each convector is supplied with all the necessary parts for installation. Either installation will only take a few minutes.

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