Electrolux 10 year guarantee for a lifetime of worry-free operation

From April 1, 2013, Electrolux Company announced the extension of the warranty to 10 years for inverter motors in washing machines AEG and Electrolux.

Washing machine Electrolux

The motor is the “heart” of washing machine, the key to excellent cleanliness and long life of the whole device. Modern inverter motors can achieve these goals through a number of fundamental design differences from conventional washing machines motors. Inverter motor in a washing machine Electrolux – is the key to high efficiency and short washing time.

The main point here is that conventional motors have special carbon brushes that Dollars against the motor shaft, making noise and heat, and wear out rather quickly, reducing the life of the motor. Brushless inverter motor has a number of indisputable advantages, providing significant energy savings, longer life of the machine, the reduction of washing programs by an average of 25% with high quality washing.

Conventional motors need cooling pauses between cycles and can rotate the drum a maximum of 70% of the time. The inverter motor is virtually silent and spins the drum at a high intensity – up to 95 percent of the time. At the same time, the pause in the motor is just enough for the drum to stop and start rotating in the other direction.

10-year warranty on inverter motors is the best proof of the unsurpassed quality and reliability of the motors of this type. Perhaps at the moment they can be called the most durable motors for washing machines.

Washing machine Electrolux

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