Electricity turns… …into high-speed Internet

Zyxel Networks brought the PLA6457 adapter to America, CIS countries and Ukraine. The device uses the home’s electrical network to carry Internet and local traffic, expanding and extending the network topology. Many people think wired network is more reliable solution than wireless. After all, Wi-Fi signal weakens as it passes through concrete walls or interfloor coverings of apartment buildings. This affects the speed and reliability of the connection.


Powerline adapter lets you extend your home wired network without the complexity of setting up connections or running extra cables. Users in a typical apartment or a country house with multiple floors can connect devices like laptops, game consoles, televisions and other devices that come into their home.

New PLA6457 G adapter.hn Powerline is one of the first products in Zyxel’s extensive portfolio of Powerline devices that apply the latest G.hn wave 2. Compared to the currently widely used HomePlug AV standard, G.hn doubles the data rate and provides increased network coverage, as well as improved interference protection and connection stability when streaming “heavy” multimedia content.

Adapters with pass-through design not only allow you to use electrical wiring as a mains cable, but also to power an electrical device connected to the same electrical outlet. New products are set up to work as Plug-and-Play devices. That means you need only plug a powerline adapter into two electrical outlets to connect them through the wiring and get them up and running. Small footprint and LED speed indicator. PLA6457 automatically switches to standby mode to save power when no data is transmitted.



Nathan Yen, senior vice president, Zyxel Gateway Business Unit

“The modern home is unimaginable without high-speed Internet. Many people now watch 8K movies online and play virtual reality games online. Home users want a fast, reliable network connection that never fails and can handle large amounts of data. G standard.The hn meets these needs for a more powerful networking solution. Powerline adapter PLA6457 will help people maximize the performance of their network without complicated setup or extra wiring, and without affecting the existing finish of the room”.

Zyxel PLA6457 G Adapter.hn 2400 Wave 2 Powerline Pass-thru Gigabit Ethernet delivers up to 2400 Mbps of link speed. The concept of channel rate refers to the speed at which all of the traffic is transmitted: control packets, overhead, and payload. The bitrate of useful data does not exceed 1000 Mbit/sec, and depends on the quality of your wiring. Gigabit Ethernet port lets you connect Ethernet devices at gigabit speeds for better video playback and online gaming.

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