Efficient technology in miniature by Electrolux

The Electrolux complete air conditioning product line has a long-awaited new product. The new Electrolux EHAW-9010/9015Dmini has the most compact size and the maximum number of functions.

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Dimensions of the device – a total of 31×27,5×24 cm, which is comparable with the size of a standard humidifier. Besides humidifying, the new air washer also purifies, disinfects and ionizes the air. This is a true high tech device in a compact form, designed to improve the air quality in rooms up to 19m2.

The Electrolux EHAW-9010/9015Dmini has a slim, cylindrical, streamlined plastic casing. The color palette is presented by two classic colors – black and white. No sharp angles and minimum size allows it to be placed even in a very small space, such as a child’s room. It fits easily on a shelf or bedside table.

Humidifies and cleans the air in the device through natural evaporation. With the help of a fan the air is drawn from the room and passed through the system of discs with absorbent surface, which are constantly rotating in the water. Dust, pollen and allergens are retained on the discs and then washed away by the water which acts as a natural filter. A special element that destroys more than 650 types of bacteria in the sump. So the air from the device is clean, humidified and healthy.

The new air washer is extremely user-friendly. Easy to maintain, takes no more than 5 minutes a week. It’s enough to rinse the discs under the shower and put them back. This design makes the Electrolux air washer requires no filters or accessories.

The new Ionizer replenishes the negative ions in the air, making your new home environment more comfortable and fulfilling for your family and friends.

The Electrolux EHAW-9010/9015Dmini has a convenient touch screen control and a stylish LED display to control the current humidity level. The designers have taken care of the peace of mind of young parents families with small children constitute 80% of the users of this product and equipped the device with the “Button Lock” function.

There are three modes of programs selection: AUTO, manual and night mode SMART, allowing to turn off the glow-in-the-dark display until the first touch. An interesting design solution is the original white backlight on top of the body that allows you to use the device as an exotic lighting fixture.

Like all Electrolux humidifiers, this new air washer has a water level sensor that switches off when the water in the humidifier has reached a minimum and a timer that gives you a running time of 1-8 hours in 1-hour increments.

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