ecoBIOCOMPLEX: let’s do yoga for two!

On the International Day of Yoga company “Rusclimate” has presented an interesting product which will be appreciated by all lovers of yoga and fitness, devotees of a healthy lifestyle, mothers who want to buy the best for their children – in general, by everyone who follows the interesting novelties that improve the quality of our lives.


Wake and Breathe

Electrolux YOGAhealthline is not just an ultrasonic humidifier, of which there are so many on store shelves. It is a real bio-complex with more than 20 useful functions, including the innovative trainer PRANA for breathing exercises, which helps to master different techniques, and a smart alarm clock HealthWake, which provides a comfortable wake-up in the morning by increasing the brightness of the lighting and increasing the intensity of water evaporation.

Illumination of the unit with alternating colors of the soothing spectrum – green, blue and white – to help you truly relax after a hard day’s work.

For aromatherapy lovers, there is a special Aroma Therapy capsule for essential oils.

There’s also an ionizer that moderately saturates the air with negatively charged ions.

Climatic Technique

Humidifier Electrolux EHU-3810D YOGAhealthline

Sport, relaxation and restful sleep

Additional modes allow everyone to find the important for themselves:

– FITNESS mode maintains the right humidity level for active sports

– MEDITATION mode provides an opportunity to focus on light and engage in meditation

– YOGA mode creates a comfortable environment for yoga, stretching and callanetics and activates the light timer

– the immunostimulating HEALTH mode is gentle to people with hypersensitive respiratory tracts and reduces the amount of allergens in the air. This helps to tolerate allergic reactions more easily, prevents colds and facilitates the recovery process

– BABY mode maintains optimum humidity for children up to 5 years old and activates all elements of the steam sterilization system

– Automatic SMART-mode maintains optimal humidity depending on the temperature of the air for adults

– SMART mode NIGHT maintains humidity depending on the room temperature, promotes healthy sleep and turns off light indicators

– the weather station mode monitors the humidity and air temperature even in the switched-off state

– MANUAL semi-automatic manual SMART-mode sets any humidity settings and insures against over-humidification.


Electrolux EHU-3815D YOGAhealthline humidifier

Why would a humidifier flash drive

IQ meter measures humidity and air temperature at the point where the control panel is located. It automatically transmits data to the humidifier, which in turn creates the necessary comfortable microclimate for the user in the location console.

You can also set a timer to turn the device on or off.

The USB connector allows you to expand the humidifier’s functions, such as connecting a Wi-Fi IQ module to control the device using the Electrolux Home Comfort app: climatic appliances. All functions duplicated in the app. It also provides the user with additional options, such as creating their own program of exercises for breathing exercises.

Also with the USB-connection you can connect other commercially available gadgets. Among them is the Smart Eye module, which reacts to the presence of a person and activates the device when needed. The ecoBIOCOMPLEX makes the humidifier 40% more economical, uses less electricity and can run for up to five days without water refill.


And no plaque

The ecoBIOCOMPLEX humidifier is equipped with the Bio-Cop+ four-stage steam cleaning and sterilization system, which destroys 99.89% of bacteria. The water tank is made of Antibacterial Ionic-silver Nano Protection plastic, which is the first stage of water disinfection. In the second step, the water is pasteurized. Equipped with AG+ ion exchange resin and silver ion cartridge, the humidifier effectively disinfects, cleans and softens water. To destroy pathogenic viruses and bacteria it uses a bactericidal Ultraviolet Pro lamp with a wavelength of 254 nm.

The ecoBIOCOMPLEX achieves a humidifying capacity of up to 550 ml/h, enabling fast and efficient humidification of up to 50 m2. The humidifier can work for more than three days without interruption thanks to a capacious water tank.

The humidifier will go on sale from August 1st and is very reasonably priced at only 990 Dollars.

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