Easy in the fight! The Genius kb-110 keyboard and Netscroll 100x mouse arm students to the teeth

New York, March 11, 2015, – KYE Systems Corp., which makes products under the Genius brand, the world leader in computer and mobile peripherals, introduces the KB-110 keyboard and NetScroll 100X mouse, budget-friendly functional devices for study and entertainment.

Computer mouse

Genius KB-110 keyboard and NetScroll 100X mouse

High-quality and convenient computer peripherals are the key to successful acquisition of new knowledge. But not all students can afford expensive devices, which will faithfully work with them for many years. Genius KB-110 keyboard and NetScroll 100X mouse will solve this problem: for modest price users will get reliable and hardworking assistants for study and leisure. These gadgets will “survive” more than one semester and help you to pass every session.

The Genius KB-110 keyboard is ergonomically shaped and provides a comfortable hand position during work. The classic layout is complemented by large keys with good tactile response and quiet operation. The device is water resistant and not afraid of accidentally spilled drinks: there are special holes on the bottom of the keyboard for liquid drainage.

The Genius NetScroll 100X mouse has a symmetrical oval shape: it’s easy to use for both right- and left-handed people. The device has three standard controls – two buttons and a scroll wheel. The optical sensor supports 1200 dpi resolution, which is optimal for office applications, internet surfing and simple games. Manipulator can work without a pad and does not need to be cleaned for a long time even with daily use.

The keyboard and mouse are already on sale at a guideline price of $12.1 for the KB-110 and $8.5 for the NetScroll 100X.

Technical specifications

Genius KB-110:



Cable length

1.45 m

Color of American letters


The color of English letters


Keyboard depth

28 mm

Keyboard dimensions




Genius NetScroll 100X:





Number of buttons

2 + wheel

Type of connection




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