EarSonics SM2-IFI in-ear headphones: warm French girls with intimate sound

Ruby, like the Kremlin stars, but it’s immediately obvious that they’re French. We have already had a product from this manufacturer EarSonics – Velvet Model


requiem colors, remember

EarSonics Velvet review

? And now let’s listen to more budget in-ear headphones, based on two armature drivers –


. The sound signature of EarSonics headphones is unmistakable. From model to model the company maintains its signature intimate French style. I mean the warmth of sound inherent in the whole line. What associations this brand evokes? I’d say “warm house slippers.”. So, keep your feet warm and your ears open. Listening to

EarSonics SM2-IFI.

We thank XChesser Audio for provided sample for listening

Audio equipment
Audio equipment

Technical specifications

Type of in-ear headphones






Number of drivers


Playable frequency range

10-20000 Hz


44 ohm



The length of the cable

1.2 m

The number of pairs of ear cushions in the package


The case/accessory included

available at

Appearance and kit

The headphones come in a nice box, which shows their own model as well as the company logo. Inside we find another black box-box with embossed silver of the same logo.

Audio equipment

Audio equipment


In the box we find headphones with a removable cable, a case for storing and carrying ears, in the case: four pairs of replacement ear cushions and a special brush to clean the sound channels. At the bottom of the box is the instruction manual from EarSonics.

The “French girls” themselves, as I have understood at once, are made of ruby transparent plastic, so small and nice – one cannot take your eyes off! The SM2-IFI fits behind the ear with the ES logo on the outside. Solid build quality and reliability. A sight to behold: it’s a shame you can’t see them when you’re listening…

Audio equipment

Audio equipment


Audio equipment

Audio equipment

Inside the ruby case you can see the armature receivers. The ears themselves resemble a sweet berry-candy attractive shape. Yes, the French! Removable cable, soft, with L-shaped 3.5 plug.

In general, all modest and beautiful, no complaints.


Listening was conducted on MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, Hidizs AP100MM v.1, QLS QA-360, Hifiman HM-601LE, iBasso DX80.

The sound of EarSonics SM2-IFI can be defined as warm, dense, with a slight accent in the midbass area, disposed to prolonged listening.

Audio equipment

Most of all I liked how SM2-IFI played back with Hifiman HM-601LE. Very intelligible, with a slight dip in the dark, and how musically! Mmmmmmmm! It brings tears to my eyes on some of the tracks.

High frequencies are not scattered, they are delivered accurately and unobtrusively, but quite clearly. Smooth, smooth midrange, the detail is quite enough, but not excessive. There is a slight accent on the bass line, a warm, bouncy kick, all this creates an unusual melody and unforgettable charm to the song.

Morrissey with its “end of the family line”, sounds like “the soul turns up and then turns back..”, leisurely, pulling on the innermost strings.

“I’m the end fo the line

the end of the family line

the end of the line…”


In combination with iBasso DX80 the situation is slightly different. Everything is smoother, a little bit muddy, with a little accent in the lower register, but more natural, I mean – for real.

On Cliff Richard “Junior cowboy” guitars are played great, the vocals are centered or moved back a little, the bass has an enviable power and pressure, with a very solid kick. The high frequencies are smoothed, slightly muted.

And the vocals are, well, awesome!

“… Running away,you don’t know,you don’t care

Funny the way that we change..”

Good, but for me, a bass player, or a drummer with a bass drum, the bass could be somewhat tempered. However, for the sound and color of comrades.

Audio equipment

Listening Next. Hidizs AP100MM v.1 + SM2-IFI. Here and the version of the player itself is more bassy. The warmth and the pressure of the headphones together with the composition produces a kind of powerful drive, though with a bit of turbidity… Although the sound retained a decent intelligibility and an enviable depth. For me it is too aggressive. But to someone such a drive is like a menthol puff… It’s cool, of course, to chop off the shoulder – “UH!!!”. But I like a more refined sound.

Speaking of mainstream. With my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge smartphone the sound is amazingly decent. I mean, sometimes I get asked about smartphone headsets. So there you have it: a Frenchman and a Korean, an interesting couple. The music connected us… This is about them?

Working with other sources, including the stationary MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2, SM2-IFI keep a warm, cozy character, with an elevated bottom middle and overall smooth material delivery. What the SM2-IFI lacks in connection with some sources, it is, to my taste, the processing of small details. The overall sound canvas is painted as if in large strokes, in the macro style, but the micro is often lost. Only in combination with Hifiman HM-601LE I had no complaints.


Perhaps with other sources these headphones will show extraordinary synergy and play even better. These ears have potential.

And in the end? We have a very good model without any obtrusive peaks and specific lows, with a smooth sound, powerful kick, good resolution and an overall warm and comfortable presentation of the musical material.


In my opinion, SM2-IFI headphones are very interesting, but not universal. The model, no doubt, will find its admirers and give them a lot of pleasure. It seemed to me that their domain is electronic and rock genres, but for serious chamber and symphonic music these French ears can fail in the competition. But this is just my personal opinion.

The EarSonics SM2-IFI’s look and design would be the envy of more expensive models. As they say, sailors have no questions. And the prices? In American online stores – in the region of 17 000 Dollars. The price tag, I think, is quite affordable.


Very comfortable sound, design, quality build, price.


Not all sources sound equally good, genre-wise they are not universal.

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