Dune HD presents My Collection application for comfortable work with your media library

New York, September 13, 2016. – Dune HD, one of the worldwide leaders in the development and production of media players and set-top boxes, presents “My Collection”, an application for indexing and visualizing movie selections. The service allows you to organize your videos, add movie descriptions, posters, actor information, set up access to files on local and network drives, and more.

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“My collection” – the perfect app for movie buffs

Automatic indexing and visualization of the movie collection

Movie buffs collect movie collections with jewel-like care and love. It is a true source of pride that requires a proper tool for management, sorting and access. Unlike standard file managers, the My Collection app will literally breathe life into your collection of favorite movies by adding cover art, actor photos, and interesting information about everything connected with a particular film. The user’s collection will be presented as a systematic catalog with a clear and simple interface, so that choosing a movie to watch in the evening will never be a problem again.

My Collection application is available for Dune HD Solo 4K and Dune HD Solo Lite media players. In order to start using this service you will need to add movie folders to the application folder, perform automatic indexing, and correct the results if necessary. Films will be divided by genre, with descriptions, actor and director biographies, images and other materials added to the files. The user can easily move from movies to characters and vice versa, for example, to choose a movie with a favorite actor. Besides, the application allows you to find a movie that is not in a collection, thus enlarging your collection.

New Dune service brings together individual files stored on different local and network drives, including USB drives, NFS- and SMB-servers. All data about the collection is stored in the system itself, so if a particular source is not connected to the media player, information about the movie will still be available. When you start indexing a folder, the player automatically finds all video files inside it and automatically recognizes them. The system supports all file types, including DVD ISO images, BD ISOs, VIDEO_TS and BMDV folders.

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