Dryer or dehydrator: time to dry

The name “dehydrator” came much later than “dryer”. It was probably invented by some experienced marketer, who started to sell horizontal dryers in the American market. The solid name justified the higher price for a device whose local counterparts had previously been called simply a “drying cabinet”. The story is the same as with croutons and croutons. The latter are more expensive because they are called more beautiful.

sigmund stein dryer

And for a while, dehydrators were called horizontal rectangular dryers. It seemed that this would be the case. But the principle of search engine queries intervened. Still, people are often looking for a “dryer” or even just a “dryer,” so the name “dehydrator” hasn’t caught on. And now you can often see a dehydrator dryer. Or comma separated.

Anyway, if you’ve decided it’s time to dry … breadcrumbs, or better yet, mushrooms and apples, let’s take a look at what’s on offer for summer 2021 food drying, and what’s interesting about each device. We have selected 4 models of dryers-dehydrators. I wonder which one you like best.

Spectrum-Pribor ESOF -2-0,6/220 Vetorok-2


American-made dryer factory located in Kursk enjoys steady popularity. First of all, the price/quality ratio is appealing: a large volume combined with a low price.

People dried in it mushrooms, apples, tomatoes, herbs, some skilful even dried meat. They write that the “Vetorok” can dry a bucket of mushrooms or 15 apples in one night.

Theoretically, the delivery can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, but even on the official website is written large – “We do not recommend delivery by Mail of America”. The main problem is that sometimes the dryer comes with broken trays. In addition, some get this device with six trays, some – with five. I do not understand the story with the marshmallow jars. It is listed in the specifications but not in the delivery.

And keep in mind, there are two models with the same name in the manufacturer’s range: one in clear plastic, the other in white. Do not mix up when ordering.

The dryer is big – the diameter of trays 40 cm! Designed to process up to 12 kg of raw materials.


Power: 0.6 kW.

Trays: plastic, 6 pieces, diameter 40 cm.

Volume: total – 30 l.

Temperature of drying: 52 – 70 °C.

Modes: 60-70 ° C, 45-55 ° C, 30-40 ° C.

Control: mechanical switch – temperature indication.

Drying efficiency: not less than 80% of the mass of the original product.

Drying time: 2 to 30 hours. Continuous working time: 10 hours, then you need to turn off for 10 minutes.

Safe: overheat protection thermal switch .

Accessories: the insert for grease.

Dimensions: 475 ×405×390 mm.

Weight: 5.6 kg.

Warranty: 1 year.

Lifetime: 10 years.

It’s simple: you cut the product, put it on the tray, put the tray on the base, close the lid.You plug in the dryer and set the mode.

Trays must be exchanged during the drying process. Every 10 hours the dryer must be turned off for 10 minutes.

Use gauze for drying herbs and a fat tray for curing meat.

No timer, there is a pointer on the scale of the lid, you can manually set there the start or end time of the process.

The dryer switches off automatically if it overheats.

Large volume, odorless, high-quality plastic, easy operation.

No timer. It is not clear whether or not there is a mold for marshmallows in the kit.

Kitfort KT-1908 dryer


A horizontal dryer or a dehydrator, if you prefer. Suitable for drying vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, root vegetables, herbs, herbs, meat, fish and bread. It is possible to prepare marshmallows, for this purpose in the complete set as much as 9 pallets with borders.

During operation, hot air flows from the back to the front, so it is recommended to turn the trays periodically. The dryer shuts off automatically thanks to a timer.

Many online reviews. They mostly like the low noise level, the big capacity and the easy maintenance.

Removable door pulls upwards. On the one hand, it does not take space when opened, but on the other hand, not everyone likes it: unusual, it must be somewhere to put it, etc.d.


Power rating: 0.7 kW.

Trays: 9 stainless steel, 9 with borders for marshmallows, 9 nets. Size 300 × 320 mm.

Drying temperature: 35 – 70°C, in 5° steps.

Control: ON/OFF button, time and temperature adjustments. Display with time and temperature. Automatic shutdown.

Drying time: the timer to 19,5 h in increments of 30 min. Max operating time 72 hours.

Safety: overheat protection thermal fuse .

Dimensions: 470×342×415mm.

Weight: 8,8 kg.

Warranty: 1 year.

Service life: 2 years.

You can use trays or grids, but for herbs and small pieces of meat the sieves are fine. Convenient that there are many accessories and they are for all nine levels. The same marshmallow can be cooked in large quantities at once rather than using only one tray, as is the case with other dryers.

Some users manage to dry both meat and fruit at the same time. They say the odors do not mix.

All things considered, in case of overheating the device will automatically shut off. Time enough for the juiciest fruit.

It is unclear why the manufacturers have defined such a short life span. This of course does not mean that the dryer will be broken after two years, but after that time it can be difficult to purchase accessories and spare parts.Parts if you need them.

Large volume, timer, a variety of accessories, convenient operation, precise temperature control, auto shut-off.

Loud buzzer when turning off, not enough recipe book.

Dachnik-4 drying cabinet Radiozavod

dachnik 4

In JSC “Radiozavod” in Penza marketer exactly no, well, or he deals with other problems. Therefore “drying cabinet”, outdated design and zero promotion. But it is a much sought-after and popular product. The thing is:

Dachnik 4 dries products not through the heating element and fan, but through the infrared radiation. It simulates the drying of the sun’s heat and light.

It can dry fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, mushrooms – any products of vegetable origin. In addition, this dryer can be used to heat food and prepare diet dishes.

Up to 4 kg of food can be dried at the same time.

The design is as follows: inside the drying cabinet there are two sections with tubular radiators and four sliding stainless steel mesh trays for products. At the bottom there is a tray, which can get small pieces of food. There is a removable tray on top under the lid for additional drying. You can adjust the temperature with a mechanical rotary knob.


Power: 0.8 kW.

Trays: 4 stainless steel grids, tray and removable tray.

Drying temperature: 40 – 70 °C.

Control: rotary temperature controller.

Drying time: from 1.5 h. Maximum operating time – 12 hours.

Safety: protection against overheating thermal fuse .

Dimensions: 340 ×450 ×590 mm.

Weight: 14 kg.

Warranty: 1 year.

Lifetime: 10 years.

Many owners like that both the body and the trays are made of metal.

Keep an eye on the food.May have to shift from the edges of the tray to the middle and vice versa, as drying is uneven.

Also sometimes have to put gauze to prevent food from sticking.

But since there is no fan, this dryer is very quiet.

Infrared heating, metal casing and trays, quiet operation.

Outdated design.

Dryer VolTera 1000 Deluxe with timer


Vertical dryer with a maximum load of 5 kg. But you can buy up to 10 more pallets and increase the volume by three times.

Suitable for drying a variety of foods, including meat and fish.

On the official site of the manufacturer stated that the dryer can continuously work for 3 years. But the maximum timer time is 48 hours. Considering their high power, two days are enough to dry out even the juiciest of delicacies.

The body and trays are plastic, but both manufacturers and users point out that high quality plastic is used that doesn’t smell or crumble when the dryer is in use.


Power: 1 kW.

Trays: 5 trays, edge height 59 mm, 1 sheet for marshmallow, 1 grid for herbs and shredded food.

Drying temperature: 33 – 63 °C.

Control: Built-in timer for 48 hours.

Safety: automatic shutdown in case of overheating, high voltage, foreign objects.

Dimensions: 388×388×351 mm.

Weight: 5 kg.

Warranty: 2 years.

Lifetime: 10 years.

Many users point out that it is not necessary to transfer the trays, and the food dries evenly on all levels.

High power, timer, ability to buy accessories.

There is only one tray for marshmallows.

Wondering which dryer you are most interested in? Write about it in the comments.

And here you can see the test results of other models:

Zigmund & Shtain ZFD-400andScarlett SC-FD421012

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