Dremel Tip: Put a watering can on the barrel to keep the wood breathing!

Protecting the environment is something that everyone should be concerned about. And there is no such thing as a small thing. The Dremel® team knows that even simple things can make a big difference and offer a few eco-tips to help you improve your homes.

Tip 1.

You don’t necessarily need to use tap water to water your garden!. With a competent approach, all gardening needs can be satisfied with a simple rainwater. Restore the natural water cycle in nature will help an ordinary garden barrel. But many people are confused by the fact that often their appearance is not remarkable in terms of design and aesthetics. You can easily fix it with an old wine barrel with a faucet, a watering can and a Dremel® 4200 Multitool.

With the help of the latter you can easily grind away old wood. The watering can is easy to hang directly on the barrel and fill as needed from the built-in faucet. Keep the barrel itself slightly off the ground for the wood to breathe and bend out the metal brackets around the edge of the barrel a bit to make a nice hook for other garden trimmings.


Tip 2.

Instead of electrical power, try to maximize solar power. This will not only have a positive impact on your wallet, but more importantly, on the environment. You can decorate any garden path or porch with solar powered lights.

You can buy them at specialist retailers and they are easy to puncture in cobblestone or hardwood panels using the Dremel® DSM20 compact saw. This is a very powerful tool with a wide range of cutting discs in various metals similar to an angle grinder with a very precise cutting line.


Tip 3.

The sprayer on the faucet is covered in lime and the pressure from the faucet leaves much to be desired? Don’t rush to throw the faucet away. Simply unscrew the faucet and soak it in the suds. Once you see that the limescale is gone, rinse the tap with running water and turn it back on.

See how your water consumption drops, because when the head is turned up to normal pressure, you’ll use up far less precious water. In addition, to further reduce water consumption, you can buy an aerator. It is sold at any hardware store and, among other things, adds oxygen to the water.


Tip #4.

Blinds are a useful accessory for every home. In the winter, they’re an extra barrier against the cold, and in the summer, they’ll keep your apartment extra shade and cool. You can design blinds yourself, guided by your taste and interior.

Wood blocks of varying texture, thickness, and length can be purchased at a building supply store. Using the Dremel® DSM20 compact saw the bars should be adjusted to the parameters of your window. Sand and varnish home-made shutters to prevent them from warping under the effects of temperature changes. But if you are a fan of carved windows the Dremel® 4200 can help you make all sorts of patterns with its different accessory bits.


Tip #5.

Not all fertilizers are “equally useful”. To be sure that the earth you grow food on for yourself and your loved ones is eco-friendly, you can make your own compost. Just like the composter you keep it in. For this you need wood strips cut to the size of your future composter and screwed together at right angles.

The Dremel®Multi-Max MM40 and the Dremel® 3000 can help you with this application the latter is handy for sanding burrs in wood . You can put leaves, fruits and vegetable peels in the jar. The resulting compost should always be turned over from time to time – this will improve air circulation and create favorable conditions for the “work” of worms and insects.


Tip #6.

Almost everywhere has already introduced a multi-tariff electricity meter system. Generally, during off-peak times – like at night – prices for kilowatts are much lower. You need to use it to charge your phones, cameras, and batteries of all kinds.

Also, it is convenient to use lithium-ion batteries with a low self-discharge rate, which retain energy even if they have not been used for a long time. Like the Dremel® 8200 and 8100.


Tip #7.

Better insulation can not only keep your home warm, but also help cut heating costs. You can insulate a roof yourself with insulation foil, insulation material, mineral wool, and masking tape. The powerful Dremel® 3000 can be used to prepare the wood that holds the insulation material.


And finally: You don’t have to buy everything new to make your house sparkle with color. You can give even old, seemingly outdated items a new lease on life. If you want, an old trunk can easily be turned into an armchair and two old chairs into a garden bench. Do not necessarily throw out grandmother’s wooden hangers – they can still live a new life as designer hooks. Don’t forget this and treat your garage or attic dismantling with inspiration.



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