Dizzy Hands: AeroCool Introduces DreamBox Geek Builder

New York, May 31, 2016. – AeroCool Advanced Technologies AAT , one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer cases, power supplies, accessories and peripherals, presents the unique AeroCool DreamBox Designer. With this DIY kit you can assemble a PC case, as well as many interior items: a hanger, a lamp stand, or even a decorative boar. AeroCool’s DreamBox gives you unlimited creative freedom: the diversity of options is limited only by the imagination of its owner.

Computers and peripherals

AeroCool introduces the DreamBox geek builder

Building your own computer is not a chore, but a real pleasure. Thanks to the new builder, you can go even further and create a unique system with a handmade frame that makes it easy to clean and replace components. What’s more, owners of the AeroCool DreamBox can furnish their entire room in the same style: parts can be used to assemble a peripheral stand, key holder, mug holder or a custom decor element – whatever your imagination allows.

Computers and peripherals

The case assembled from DreamBox parts looks great and is absolutely functional. In addition to universal aluminum tubes, angles and mounts, it has a block with 2 x USB 2 ports.0 and 2 x USB 3.0, headphone and microphone jacks, and power and reset buttons. In the unique computer from DreamBox these elements can be located in any part of the case: the unit of buttons and connectors is simply attached to two C-rings – at the top, bottom or side.

Computer Components

The AeroCool DreamBox case contains 118 parts. You can see the new product from May 31 to June 4 at Computex in Taipei, booth I0630. New box retail sales in America will start in August.

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