Dishwashers Candy: quiet, narrow, roomy

Candy Hoover Group has launched a new range of “silent” built-in Candy dishwashers with a width of 45 cm and a load capacity of 9 to 11 sets of dishes.

Built-in appliances

Candy’s new line of narrow dishwashers is represented by six models –

CDI 1L949-07 with a loading capacity of 9 sets of dishes,

CDI 2L10473-07 and CDI 2D10473-07 for 10 cases,

CDI 2L11453-07, CDI 2D11453-07 and CDIJV 2T11453-07 with a loading capacity of 11 sets – a record for dishwashers of this shape and size.

One of the key features of new products from Candy is their quiet operation, with frequencies ranging from 45dB to 49dB, depending on the model.

Three models in the new Candy range of dishwashers are designed for 11 loads. Thanks to the improved design of the chamber Candy engineers managed to make the bottom basket even bigger and still keeping a high quality of washing of class A.

All models with a display have an automatic washing program that determines the degree of soiling of the dishes, chooses the intensity and temperature of washing.

If you don’t need to wash all your dishes, but just a few sets, the “Half-load” program comes in handy, which is available on all models except the CDIJV 2T11453-07. It will significantly reduce water and energy costs.

Program opportunities of the model CDIJV 2T11453-07 include the mode “Alternate washing”, which allows the user to choose which of the baskets will be washed the dishes. For example, if the user only needs to wash a few tea sets and cutlery, they can choose to wash only the top basket and save even more water and energy.

All models of the new range have the EasyClick mechanism, which works according to the elevator principle and makes it easy to reposition the upper basket when the lower basket needs to be loaded with large-sized dishes.

The main characteristics of the line:

Control panel color – black.

Overall dimensions HxWxD, mm – 815x448x550.

Loads 9, 10 and 11 place settings.

Energy consumption – A++[1]

Control – electronic.

Interface: LED LED display in CDI 1L949-07 models for 9 kits, CDI 2L10473-07 for 10 kits and CDI 2L11453-07 for 11 kits

Digit display in models CDI 2D10473-07 for 10 kits and CDI 2D11453-07 for 11 kits

Touch control in CDIJV 2T11453-07 for 11 loads.

Water consumption – 8-9 liters depending on model.

Number of programs – up to 8.

Price starting from 21 490 Dollars.

Sales launch November 2017.

[1] According to European standards.

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    Can you please provide more information on the noise level, width, and capacity of the Candy dishwashers?

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