Dell Technologies PCs and displays for work and entertainment with 5G, AI and premium design usher in a new era

Dell Technologies unveiled new products and software in the premium segments of its Latitude, XPS and display portfolio lines. They will help customers innovate, collaborate and achieve more in the next decade. With artificial intelligence AI , 5G networking and innovative design, these latest computers and displays from Dell Technologies make working and entertainment more efficient, intelligent and enjoyable.


“The PC industry has never been more vibrant and dynamic with built-in AI, 5G support and the best design we’ve ever seen. It’s all about making our lives easier and richer,” said Sam Burd, president, Dell Client Solutions Group. – What really impresses me is that with all the great announcements and new products we can learn about and see at CES, the PC plays a central role in helping people innovate and achieve more.”.

“PC users are becoming increasingly savvy about the devices they choose for their work and gaming. They favor more premium products that emphasize good design, high performance and intuitive technology,” said Tom Mainelli, group vice president of Devices and Consumer at IDC. – Our research shows that more and more new employees are choosing workplaces that take into account the devices employers offer. IT buyers and consumers alike are interested in PCs with next-generation displays, connectivity technologies and batteries.”.

With the Latitude 9510, the smartest 15-inch PC with built-in AI, professionals can spend their valuable time on their most important work

Dell today unveiled the Latitude 9000 series, an ultra-premium PC for executives and mobile professionals. The new Latitude 9510 has the qualities business users want: record-breaking 30-plus hours of battery life, 5G-enabled architecture and a powerful audio subsystem, and includes smart solutions that increase productivity.

Latitude 9510 is the world’s smallest and lightest commercial 15-inch PC4. It has a 15-inch screen that measures less than the screen size of most 14-inch products, and easily fits in a small bag. Weighing only 1.45kg, professionals can travel lightweight. They don’t need to carry the burdensome carry-on chargers, adapters or headphones needed during the workday. Large screen size and the industry’s fastest mobile broadband Wi-Fi and 5G capabilities keep executives more productive and where they need to be. The PC design includes 5G antennas built into the speakers to preserve the InfinityEdge display area, and carbon fiber blade fans and dual heat sink tubes ensure quiet operation and eliminate case overheating. Computers are Project Athena-certified and feature Intel® Core™ i7 processors up to 10th generation with vPro technology. Latitude 9510 finish features a machined aluminum finish with cut edges. It will appeal to professionals who prefer performance as well as style.

Latitude 9510 is the world’s most responsive and intelligent business PC, leading the industry with the first integrated and automated artificial intelligence-based productivity technology. New Dell Optimizer software works in the background to reduce latency and avoid annoying the user with slow response. It allows you to:

● Work faster with ExpressResponse: Based on user preferences and machine learning, using Intel® Adaptix technology, it accelerates the launch of frequently used applications, enables quick switching between applications, and improves overall application performance for productive work.

● Save battery life with ExpressCharge: Artificial intelligence and machine learning increase battery life based on charge mode and typical power consumption. When the battery is critically low, Latitude 9510 will adjust settings to conserve resources, such as lowering screen brightness or selecting the best charging mode, such as ExpressCharge Boost, which charges the battery by 35% in 20 minutes so you can get to work quickly.

● Easily and securely log in with ExpressSign-in: it detects user presence, ensuring

Faster login times, enhanced security and productivity with Dell Presence Sensor with Intel® Context Sensing and Windows Hello.

● Use hands-free with Intelligent Audio: Powerful speakers, an amplifier and four noise-canceling microphones ensure realistic interaction, while Intelligent Audio improves hearing during conference calls by eliminating echoes and background noise wherever you are.

Latitudes PCs, like all Dell Trusted Devices, are the industry’s most secure commercial PCs, so companies can rest assured that their client systems are protected at all levels-lower and higher than the operating system.

With Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, new Latitude owners can be productive from day one. This approach gives employees the ability to work on PCs without latency or interference, ensures workflow without delay or disruption, and provides IT professionals with automated, open and intelligent management solutions that help them easily deploy, secure, manage and support all the devices in their organization.


XPS 13: Introducing the InfinityEdge display for the first time with virtually no bezel on all four sides

Dell unveiled the new XPS 13 with a modern design, offering brand fans a sleek PC with one of the best user interfaces. Large display, edge-to-edge keyboard, large touchpad and the ability to open the computer with one hand strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Machined aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass and Corning® Gorilla® tempered glass for incredible durability and lightweight construction.

For users who need maximum screen space, Dell offers its latest engineering – the XPS 13 “InfinityEdge” narrow screen frame and slimmer, more compact form factor. With a 6.8% larger display area with a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 25% increase in brightness, the new XPS InfinityEdge offers more screen space for multitasking and allows you to catch all the details of the latest series. True to the preferences of XPS fans, this new design also offers a 13.4-inch display in an 11-inch form factor that fits neatly on a recliner in an airplane.

The Project Athena-certified XPS 13 features 10th-generation Intel® Core™ 10nm mobile processors and delivers up to 19 hours of battery life to mobile users who need processing power and performance. Simpler, more secure packaging requires no foam, making recycling easier. Available options include the traditional XPS 13 with Windows 10 or the Developer Edition with Ubuntu 18.04LTS.

Stay connected and entertained with Dell Cinema Guide and Dell Mobile Connect

Dell Technologies launches Dell Cinema Guide, a one-stop store for finding streaming entertainment, now available to all Windows users who download the app. Users can quickly and easily find TV shows and movies on more than 200 streaming services in one simple content guide and enjoy it all on Dell Cinema with amazing color, sound and streaming delivery. Since its launch in 2018, Dell Mobile Connect has helped more than a million users switch between their PC and smartphone. This spring, Dell Mobile Connect will expand its wireless streaming and app mirroring capabilities to Android phones and provide these features to iPhone users. Right from their Dell computer, XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware and G Series iPhone users can directly access mobile apps, from ordering Uber cabs to checking Instagram, as well as using drag-and-drop and content mirroring.


Best in class Dell monitors: see everything and do everything

For the past six years, Dell monitors have ranked number one in the world, meeting the diverse needs of business users and gamer enthusiasts alike. Users can collaborate effectively with each other thanks to Dell’s new 86 4K interactive touchmonitor, which digitizes what a whiteboard used to be used for. UltraSharp 43 4K USB-C monitor allows users to view content from up to four connected PCs simultaneously for maximum productivity. The new UltraSharp 27 4K USB-C monitor with VESA DisplayHDR 400 provides the broadest color coverage in its class for accurate color reproduction. The new Alienware 25 gaming monitor built for speed has an incredible 99% sRGB color gamut and features fast IPS technology that offers rich colors, 240Hz refresh rate and an incredibly short 1 millisecond response time. It also features AMD Radeon FreeSync16 and G-Sync compatibility.

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