Defender presents a two-channel speaker system BT Audio-S6 Black

New York, May 6, 2013. – Defender, one of the leaders in the market of peripherals and accessories for personal computers, presents a portable stereo BT Audio-S6 Black. The speaker is made in a dock format for smartphones and tablets and has support for Bluetooth. Can work in standalone mode from built-in battery as well as from USB and audio port. Features quality sound and distinctive compact design.

Defender BT Audio-S6 Black speaker system

When you’re picnicking in nature, relaxing in the countryside or enjoying the sound of a small room on your mobile device, a portable speaker system is an indispensable companion for a smartphone or tablet that can’t produce powerful sound. Defender BT Audio-S6 Black speaker system does a great job as a powerful speaker, while it is easy to use – thanks to its design and the ability to wirelessly connect to the sound source.

The stand for your cell phone and tablet with which the Defender BT Audio-S6 speaker is equipped will also come in handy. With a gadget in the socket, you can comfortably read texts or watch videos. The stand actually turns the system into a small portable theater. With 6 watts of combined power from its two built-in loudspeakers, it delivers optimum volume and clarity across the full frequency range.

Bluetooth support allows you to connect the speaker to the sound source wirelessly, place it within a radius of 10 meters of the novelty and, if necessary, freely move in this area. However, you can also connect to Defender BT Audio-S6 gadget without Bluetooth support eg, an old MP3-player or phone – with the standard audio cable included.

Thanks to the built-in battery Defender BT Audio-S6 will not require mains power. Maximum battery life in standalone mode is about 4 hours. Enough for watching movies on the go and listening to music in the great outdoors. To charge the novelty can be connected to the USB-port of the computer or to the network with a suitable adapter.

Defender BT Audio-S6 is a universal and affordable speaker system, made in the form of a dock for mobile devices for all occasions – from trips to the countryside to home use as a compact cinema or music center.

Features Defender BT Audio-S6





Frequency Range:

80 Hz-18 kHz


4 Ohm

connection interface:

Bluetooth, AUX

Audio inputs:

Jack 3.5 mm

Power Interface:

built-in battery: Li-Ion 3.7 V 800 mAh, charging from the USB port, USB to microUSB cable included.

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