De Dietrich SAVK and SAVK PLUS heating boilers: a complete boiler room for oil or gas

In 2013 steel hot water boilers were added to the De Dietrich product range. Range of models is represented by series SAVK and SAVK PLUS of power from 99 to 2900 kW, designed for operation with liquid fuel or gas blower burners. As part of a cascade installation, 2 to 10 boilers can be operated, allowing a boiler room to be realized, providing up to 29 MW of capacity.

Universal boilers

Boilers heat exchanger is made in the form of a monoblock of steel with double-pass fire chamber and increased combustion efficiency – up to 92,4%. The design of the combustion chamber ensures low emissions of harmful substances into the environment and provides a good adaptation of any type of supercharged burner.

Boilers can be delivered with one of 4 control panels to choose from: standard panel, B3 control panel, “cascade” K3 and Diematic-m3 control panel.

SAVK series boilers are suitable for use in various types of heating boilers of medium and large capacities, as well as in the production of modular-type boilers.

In September 2013 on the basis of Master-Watt and Hogarth, official dealers of De Dietrich America, a warehouse of steel boilers with capacity up to 1 MW was formed.

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