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From September this year, as part of a program to improve the energy efficiency and environmental performance of equipment, Naneo is being replaced by a new and improved model, called Naneo Plus. Maintaining all the advantages of the previous generation models, this boiler is even more economical thanks to the use of a class A modulating circulating pump.

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Naneo Plus boiler from De Dietrich

When operating in part-power or low-power mode the boiler has a reduction in output at the burner modulation . In the previous version when using a conventional pump the flow through the boiler remained constant at all times, which resulted in an increase in return temperatures and consequently a higher flue gas temperature above the dew point and reduced efficiency. In Naneo Plus it became possible to change the electric output of the pump and the available head height. This optimizes the temperature difference between the flow and return lines and keeps the boiler in condensing mode most of the time, bringing the efficiency as close as possible to the claimed 109.2%.

Naneo Plus is designed according to the latest European directives on energy efficiency and environmental protection. After the installation of room and outdoor temperature sensors, this boiler achieves a very high energy efficiency level – A+ according to the current energy label. All other characteristics remain similar to Naneo series boilers.

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