Daewoo Electronics: Premiere of the world’s first wall-mounted mini washing machine

In November 2012, experts from the American office of South Korean Daewoo Electronics presented the world’s first wall-mounted washing machine DWD-CV701PC. With its elegant design and attractive dimensions it copes perfectly with washing of any items, saves energy and takes up no useful space in the house.

Built-in washing machines

At the official presentation of the new product, which took place on November 21, 2012 in New York, the experts of Daewoo Electronics in America and the director of washing machines Mr. Lee Kyoung Chol, who came specially from Seoul, told about all the advantages of the world’s first wall-mounted washing machine, and the new technology to save your time and space.

The high technology, modern design and practical thinking of specialists, complementing each other seamlessly, helped to create a compact model, which is already highly appreciated by families in South Korea. Now this unique mini-Machine appears in America also!

One of the most important technical achievements of the 20th century is rightly considered the invention of washing machine. It’s hard to imagine our lives without it these days, but today’s models still take up so much space and make you pile up the dirty laundry until you reach a certain capacity. Otherwise the washing machine would run idle. What about small items like children’s clothes, underwear or pantyhose?? You don’t have to wash them by hand every day!

Daewoo Electronics specialists took into account all the needs of modern housewives and developed a unique washing machine that allows not to put off the washing until tomorrow, and to cope with dirt on clothes even of the most delicate fabrics as they appear! The unique compact machine can be easily installed on the wall of a bathroom, kitchen or even a pantry at any convenient height for loading things.

The novelty is equipped with the most advanced inverter motor that provides quiet operation, low power consumption, vibration, and compactness the depth is only 29.2 cm and weight is 16.5 kg . Up to 3 kg of laundry can be loaded into the machine! It deserves a special attention the slim cubic design of the wall-mounted machine, which is complemented by a silver front panel, making the mini-machine a perfect part of any interior.

Daewoo Electronics in the kitchen interior

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