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After a long cold snap, nothing makes you happier than spending a few days outdoors in good company, making your loved ones and yourself happy. And with the beginning of summer it is better to move from stuffy city to dacha residence. Of course, in order to stay in the countryside has not turned into a continuous agony, it is necessary to prepare for the trip in advance. Avoid unnecessary problems and provide the usual level of comfort, will help modern gadgets that will brighten up the road and country life.

Computers and peripherals

With the start of the Dacha season the traffic on the roads is very heavy, so if you have not yet equipped your car DVR, now is the time to finally do it. Choose the most functional device – such as Mio MiVue 388.

This device has a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees and records FullHD video at 30 frames per second, capturing all the details of what’s happening on the road. The recorder can work in automatic mode or by focusing on the sensors of motion and impact, as well as record the GPS-track of the trip.

DVD-video players

The most universal gadget for giving will be a laptop. Gigabyte U2142 portable ultrabook-transformer with 11.6-inch screen will replace both a media player and a game console for children. If your boss urgently needs your hands, you won’t have to go back to the dusty city.

With Ultrabook you can solve all work tasks. Inside is a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, integrated HD Graphics 4000 graphics and a 500GB hard drive which can hold a whole collection of movies, music and games. At the same time its weight is less than 1.5 kg, and battery life reaches 8 hours.

Computers and peripherals

But if you plan to settle in the cottage with the family and for a long time, it is better to think about more serious equipment. Moving the entire home video system is too troublesome, and it is absolutely unnecessary, it’s better to buy a separate small TV.

Toshiba 32TL963R costs very little, but at the same time is able to play FullHD-video, has its own media player and can connect to the Internet. This TV even supports 3D imaging technology, so you can use it to put on a proper movie show.

Audio equipment

Taking such equipment to the country house, you need to take care in advance about the Internet connection, which will significantly expand the capabilities of your suburban nest. TP-LINK TL-MR3040 router will help.

Paired with any 3G or 4G USB-modem this apparatus is able to organize in any place a high-speed home network, which can access up to five devices simultaneously. In this case, the router has a very compact size and has its own battery, so it can keep you connected even in the absence of electricity.

Computers and peripherals

By the way, the power situation outside of the city can be quite unpredictable. So if you have a house without a prepared switchboard, it is better to get a voltage regulator – perhaps it will save the equipment from breakage.

Defender AVR Premium 1000i, designed to work with household appliances, allows you to connect up to four devices and protects them from over or undervoltage in the network, as well as impulse noise.

Computers and peripherals

Mobile equipment also needs to be protected out of town, especially smartphones, for which the main danger are dust, dirt and water. To protect your precious technology from external influences, as well as falls, bumps and other threats, can cases Tech21, designed with the most modern materials. In addition to reliability, proven by numerous tests, they have a very impressive design, so that the phones, equipped with protective ammunition will not look too brutal.

The only thing from what cases will not be able to protect smartphones – it is from the loss. But in this case, McAfee Mobile Security is the answer. This mobile gatekeeper allows you to remotely turn on the sound on your phone or track its location using GPS. This is not the only function of this program, however: it protects the system from viruses and malicious applications, helps keep confidential data on your smartphone or even destroy them, if the device was stolen.

DVD Video Players

After ensuring the safety of technology, you can think about entertainment, for example, the organization of music accompaniment for a picnic in nature. With this task will perfectly cope mobile wireless speaker iriver IBA50, which can play music from any smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth-connection.

Two impressive 6.9″ drivers are responsible for the sound quality of this portable speaker. The system has a maximum runtime of eight hours from the built-in battery.

DVD-video players

RAPOO H3080 headphones will help you to organize a personal audio environment without being tangled in wires. To transmit a signal the “ears” use Bluetooth technology that provides stable coverage in the area of 10 meters around the signal source.

Headphones have a lightweight design, comfortable ear cushions and provide high-quality sound thanks to proprietary vibrating membrane technology.

Computers and peripherals

Finally, a nice addition for country kitchen will be SodaStream Sourse Metal Edition, allowing to make carbonated drinks from water and fruit syrups, which are so pleasantly refreshing on a hot day. A wide variety of syrups in different flavors, which are included in the kit, allow you to do without carbonated drinks, which often contain a large amount of sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

SodaStream device does not require a connection to the electric network to work, it automatically monitors the level of gas in the cylinder and has three levels of carbonation to choose from.

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