Cutting the excess: a review of the MIKMA 211 electric shaver and the MIKMA IP-94 hair clipper

Electric shaver Mikma 211 has an advanced shaving system that provides a close shave without irritating the skin. The hair clipper Mikma IP 94 will ensure reliable and efficient cutting even of unruly hair. Let’s see how well these tools work.

For personal care

MIKMA 211 cordless electric hairbrush


FUNCTIONALITY: dry shaving.

FEATURES: dual shaving system removable shaving head flip-up trimmer, battery charging indicator 8 hours battery charging time.

OPERATING TIME: continuous up to 45 min.

Bundle: battery charger, carrying case, brush for cleaning.

Design and ergonomics

The razor feels very good in the hand. Palm merges with the curves of your body to follow the contours of your waistline. Business suit design. Silver top and black bottom. Hand does not slip and does not sweat. Beautiful, fast, convenient.


The Mikma 211 electric shaver gives you a fast and clean shave. New shaver has improved shaving system. Two movable knives are hidden under the two nets. They form a floating head that follows the entire “landscape” tightly on dry skin. “Buzzing” mesh alternately passes into the holes, and then cuts under the stub any hairs, wherever they are pulling.

With a twist of the thumb you can lift the flip up trimmer and trim, for example, sideburns. The shaver – battery-powered, you charge overnight and then shave for three weeks without wires. Red light always keeps the charge in check. Comes with a brush – remove the head and easily clean the grid and at the same time – both moving blades.


It’s a little strange to use a mesh shaver after the rotary one. I had a feeling it got noticeably tougher. But I was in no hurry to give up my mesh “barber”, because the result was extremely smooth. It’s so designed that it’s better to shave in one position on your cheeks and in another 180 degrees below your chin. Up and down, left and right, a minute and a half – and that’s it, close the barbershop!

Very easy to use, compact and cordless. Just a godsend for business trips or the cottage. You can even put such a “weapon” in the glove compartment: sleep, sit behind the wheel and shave, standing in traffic, peeking in the rearview mirror.


Cordless battery powered hair clipper


POWER: 4 watts.

SPEED: ceramic sliding knife.

FUNCTIONS: max. cutting length 18mm, min. cutting length2mm.

POWER SUPPLY: 110-240V, battery life up to 60min. battery charging time 8 h., battery charging indicator.

3 heads, battery charger, brush, comb, scissors.

WEIGHT: 230g.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Design and ergonomics

Sleek model, you look at it, but you see a “dress to the floor” with a glossy shade of blue. Very light and compact shaver. Practically invisible in your hand, turns on and off at the touch of a finger. The hair clippers are easy to replace one another, but you need to get used to it: they are fixed on plastic “ears”, which must precisely hit their hollows.


The main occupation of IP 94 is to cut hair, short and not so short. You can significantly reduce the volume of your hair, and you can trim temples. You can choose from seven hair lengths. Pitch size 2 mm. Maximum length 18 cm. Three nozzles help cut hair: the most compact – for 4-6 mm hair, medium – for 10-12 mm, the most massive – for 16-18 mm.

Fixed blade – steel. Movable – ceramic. So it will serve young parents until the kids grow up.

Very convenient that this model works equally well on the mains and battery, which, according to the manufacturer, is supplied by the company – the leader in this segment of the market. In fact, the battery lasts more than an hour if you continuously mow your neighbors from the entire stairwell. And if only your own, you can go months without recharging. Charge level is checked by an indicator on the body.


With the haircutting machine I went to get a haircut in a real barbershop. Alena the foreman spun the IP 94 with interest and immediately agreed to work on a “shorter” haircut with the new model. I watched my head with interest in the mirror. If you close your eyes, something buzzed softly and coldly on the head, no discomfort. And if you open your eyes – it was the master’s work: one nozzle would replace another, scraps of hair would roll on the floor, then the nozzles would go into stock, and the machine would even my haircut with a comb. In 10 minutes, skillfully trimmed, I was 10-15 years younger again.

Overall assessment

IP 94 is quite a professional hair clipper, but for home use. Quite capable of dealing with any hair within reason ! , but especially – with children’s, and winter, and summer, and at home, and on vacation, and in the cottage.

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