CUCKOO Multicookers: high, high technology!

For over 40 years the company CUCKOO is the undisputed market leader in its native South Korea, not giving up this “sweet” segment of the market, even the Korean giants – LG and Samsung. In Seoul, the lion’s share of multicookers are CUCKOO! Perhaps because Koreans love innovation and quality, economy and speed?

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CUCKOO Multicooker - Bowl

Multicookers of the new generation have the most advanced, induction heating element. Thanks to it, the heating is several times faster, and the honeycomb structure of the outer surface of the bowl contributes to this process.

But most importantly – the heating is not at the bottom, as in conventional multicookers, but over the entire area of the bowl and … the top, that is literally “in 3D”. The thing is that the lid has a built-in heating element that heats its inner surface to 80 ⁰c, and because of the hot steam it heats up to 85-90 ⁰C.


The construction of CUCKOO multicooker bowls consists of 5-9 layers, including gold and bronze component. In Korea, the five-layer bowls are the most popular. Each layer is a specific metal with its own thermal conductivity.

When they are bundled together in a certain sequence, the heat conductivity of the bowl increases several times, which contributes to energy saving and reduces cooking time. The inner non-stick coating of the bowl with a marble coating has increased wear resistance, the minimum service life of 5 years.

CUCKOO Multicookers - stone bowl

In South Korea multicookers CUCKOO are popular with a bowl of … solid rock, imitating cooking in stone ovens, popular in many southern regions. The cost of just one bowl is more than $ 1000, because each stone is specially mined, checked for eco-indicators and processed individually. However, such devices are not delivered to America yet, and not even because of the high price, but because of our habit to cook with lots of fats that get absorbed into the natural stone.


All the cooking phases are controlled by a smart processor. According to the chosen program, it monitors cooking conditions with 3D temperature and pressure sensors. They allow you to cook, stew, bake and roast in a gentle mode temperature range – from 50 to 100 ⁰C, with maximum retention of useful substances.

Automatic cooking programs in old generation of multicookers

Auto programs in a new generation of induction multicookers CUCKOO

Cooking at a certain temperature for a certain time, without taking into account the characteristics and condition of the food placed in the bowl due to the lack of 3D sensors that monitor the temperature and transmitting signals to the “brain” of the device – the processor .

+ Sometimes the cooking time and temperature can be adjusted although you can’t call it a fully automated process anymore .

– The result is not guaranteed, because you can choose the wrong program, the wrong time. The cookbooks of such multicookers often advise to cook desserts in the Stew program, fish – in Vegetables, stew – in Rice, etc.. It is difficult to understand the principle of cooking in the programs and then to choose the right cooking mode on your own. The whole point of buying a multicooker as a smart assistant who can do everything herself is lost.

Inside each cooking program is a temperature-change ALGORITHM. After all, when we cook on the stove, we regulate the temperature: sometimes we need to increase it slowly, sometimes we need rapid heating, and then – gentle stewing, etc.. All this is taken into account in the automatic programs Soup, Stew, Milk porridge, Rice, Sushi rice. Moreover, the programs for rice are algorithms designed and used for cooking rice in South Korea, where rice is a staple food and where they know the secrets of cooking rice.

+ Self-programme takes care of all the cooking in your CUCKOO: it defines time, temperature, pressure cooking necessity – you just have to put food in your bowl, choose the programme and press “Start. No need to stir. Results are always guaranteed, even for beginners! And the autoprograms guarantee economical use of energy.

CUCKOO Multicookers - 3D heating

Whereas Korea’s first multicookers served to cook rice properly, it is now a full-fledged component of the Internet-controlled Smart Home. It’s common for a Korean, standing in traffic and being late for dinner, to contact the multicooker and reprogram it: postpone the start or extend the heat. The new generation models of CUCKOO have such an opportunity. We hope that soon it will be possible to use it in America too.


The new generation of multicookers features “Voice Guide” technology which will guide you through the sequence of steps, accompanying each step and ensuring safe use. “Guide” will warn you when the steam starts to come out and when the dish is ready.

Such care about the user is difficult to overestimate: it is necessary for the elderly, who find it difficult to master the detailed menu of the device, the visually impaired and blind people and just those who feel lonely at home: the process of cooking will go more fun!

Read? It’s time to eat…

CUCKOO Multicookers

CUCKOO Multicookers - goulash

CUCKOO Multicookers - Kasha

CUCKOO Multicookers - rice

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