CTC CAPITAL is an official distributor of ROLY projectors.

CTC CAPITAL company announces the beginning of distribution of ROLY projection equipment in America. ROLY Technology Co., Ltd is a Taiwanese developer and manufacturer of high-end projection equipment. ROLY is one of the few owners of intellectual property rights to 3LCD technology and has its own production of LCD matrixes for the creation of three-matrix imaging systems. The company also developed the unique filter array of filters for wide color gamut and high color fidelity.


Since 2015 ROLY actively develops laser technology and has its own production of laser light sources. ROLY – the first company in the world, which introduced a laser 3LCD projector with a fully closed optical system. And in 2019 produced the record-breaking RL-A400W, the world’s most compact projector with 4000 lumens.

All current product range is based on 3LCD technology and laser light sources. ROLY manufactures portable, short-throw and installation models with a resolution from XGA to WUXGA, and the luminous flux of 4000 to 10000 Lm. The scope of their application is very wide: from small offices and classrooms to large-scale projections in conference halls and exhibitions.

All units feature a light source with a long 20,000 hour lamp life. The brightness drop at half life is only 20%, not 50% compared to other manufacturers. This makes ROLY products the most practical and profitable investment.

Portable and short-focus projectors also have a good ratio of brightness and dimensions, and the older installation models are equipped with interchangeable lenses and have a wide range of image adjustments. Customer focus is one of the basic principles of Roly company. The projectors are designed with all the basic needs of users in mind.

ROLY projectors are already available in America. The official distributor in America – the company CTC CAPITAL.

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  1. Oakley

    Where can I find more information about the ROLY projectors distributed by CTC CAPITAL?

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