Cooler Master unveils M800 gaming range at CES

Las Vegas, USA – January 10, 2018. – Cooler Master, one of the world leaders in designing and manufacturing PC peripherals and components, unveiled its new M800 gaming lineup at CES 2018, which includes MK850 and MK851 keyboards, MH850 headset, MM830 mouse and MP860 double-sided RGB-lit mouse pad. The lineup is sleek and stylish, with new gaming features including Aimpad™ technology, hidden joystick, Focus FX technology and customization scrolls to help you get the most out of any battle.

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“M800 gaming lineup is the best we can offer to gamers. We wanted to raise the bar as high as possible with unique technologies and features including our partnership with Aimpad™ but we also wanted to design the hardware to make gamers feel really comfortable,” said Bram Rongen, Head of Hardware Marketing at Cooler Master.

Unbelievable precision: MK850 and MK851 keyboards

Kicking off the line are accessories essential to any gaming system, the MK850 and MK851 keyboards with Aimpad™ technology. Cooler Master has added full analog motion control to the MK851 with eight keys, including WASD, to make moving around in third-person shooters, driving race cars and flying simulators more comfortable. Buttons are just like buttons: You press them to activate a function and then release them. With Aimpad™ technology enabled, the MK851’s keys work more like a gas pedal. Gamers no longer need to push them every time they want to fine tune their course or turn the “wheel” – they just push the button and control the result by the amount of force they push.

Because of its sensitivity to pressure Cooler Master chose Cherry MX RED linear switches for the MK851. Fans of Cherry MX BLUE and BROWN switches should look no further than the MK850 version without Aimpad™ technology, which has exactly the same aggressive design and supports all of the features of the M800 line of games. The new products feature a cobalt-colored aluminum top panel, dedicated keys for multimedia and macro controls, a comfortable wrist rest and special toggle wheels that work with all M800 devices.

The M800 line’s rotary dials are a special tool that lets you customize a wide variety of peripheral functions using a common software platform. For example, you can make the switch on the keyboard change the volume of the headset, and the switch on the headset change the mouse sensitivity or RGB-backlit keyboard.

Hidden joystick and instant feedback: MM830

Next up in the lineup is the MM830, a gaming mouse with a hidden joystick. Four built-in low-profile buttons help professional players maneuver the battlefield using only the mouse and without even having to lift a finger from the mouse. The buttons are great for MMO and MOBA games and can be pressed by just moving your thumb gently to any of four sides. Players can program buttons, customize scroll wheel switch and change color of RGB mouse backlight using special application. Rugged design with 96×94 OLED screen and 16.7 million colors. Equipped with a top-quality Pixart 3360 sensor with DPI up to 24,000, MM830 is the ultimate secret weapon for gamers.

The sound that helps you win: MH850 headset

MH850 headset with virtual surround sound 7.1 built to give the player an edge on the battlefield. Crystal clear surround sound will help identify even the quietest and stealthiest sniper, and Focus FX technology will highlight mid and high frequencies to hear enemy footsteps behind the sounds of explosions and gunfire. Once the Focus FX is turned off, the player is immediately immersed in the game thanks to the powerful low frequencies. Other advantages and features of the headset include fabric/leather ear cushions, control directly from the earpiece, removable USB Type-C and 3.5mm cables, removable flexible microphone, proprietary toggle wheel, RGB backlight with full customization and a convenient foldable design.

MP860 Dual Sided Mouse Pad

Cooler Master’s new RGB backlit mouse pad combines the best aspects of classic and gaming mouse surfaces. Its hard side is easy to clean and perfect for gaming marathons, fast moves and accurate aiming, while the soft side is good for surfing the web and working at your computer.

Cost and Availability

MK850, MK851, MM830, MH850, and MP860 double-sided RGB backlit mat will be available in the American Federation in the second and third quarters of 2018. More details on pricing will be announced.

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