Cooler Master MasterCase: The world’s first modular Mid Tower case with full customization support

New York – May 27, 2016 – Cooler Master introduces the world’s first fully customizable modular MasterCase Mid Tower case to the American market. It marks the beginning of a new line of computer cases that allow users to maximize the functionality and appearance of their PCs. MasterCase is the result of MasterConcept, a revolutionary prototype case designed and built at Cooler Master headquarters in Taipei.

Computer components

Cooler Master MasterCase

Based on the revolutionary MasterConcept prototype

Innovative FreeForm™ modular system

“The idea behind MasterConcept is that each user’s case should be unique. This prototype was the first step in a complete rethinking of our relationship with fans of the brand,

– points out PS Tang, Cooler Master Brand Development Manager. –

Embodying a revolutionary approach to the modular concept, MasterCase became a milestone in the development of the market of enclosures”.

Cooler Master showed MasterCase 5 for the first time at Computex 2015. This 460mm case comes in three versions: MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and MasterCase Maker 5.

Users decide how their case will look like. They can choose a top panel with a pair of carrying handles, a convex panel with a metal mesh for better ventilation, or a monolithic panel with an original shape. You can also install the standard door or replace it with a stylish front panel with open vents, as in the MasterCaseMaker 5 model.

Cooler Master

FreeForm™ modular system

MasterConcept and MasterCase are shattering the usual ideas about the purpose of computer cases, and FreeForm™ technology has become the main thing in the process. Cooler Master gives users complete control over how their computers look and perform. Thanks to FreeForm technology MasterCase will become more universal – users will be able to replace external panels and doors or change the position of components for any configuration of PC.

Computer Components

FreeForm technology allows MasterCase owners to easily reconfigure the case when purchasing new accessories. With a convenient mounting system, you can adjust the vertical position of the drive bays or remove them completely. Thus, the case is suitable for the assembly of gaming systems with a bunch of two top graphics cards occupying two slots, as well as workstations with water cooling or home servers with a large number of drives.

You can find more information on the coolermaster

MasterCase and MasterCase Pro 5 on sale now.

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