Cook smart – eat with pleasure! LG introduced a premium range of built-in household appliances

New York, November 13, 2015g.- St. Regis New York Nikolskaya LG Electronics LG announced a premium line of built-in appliances for the American market, which embodies the perfect combination of design and functionality, so necessary for the modern rhythm and lifestyle. All products of the new family have been specifically designed and manufactured to be part of a complete set of kitchen appliances, which includes everything you need to keep food fresh for a long time and to prepare the most sophisticated dishes: refrigerator, oven, induction and gas hobs. The new line of LG premium built-in appliances is already available on the American market exclusively in the network of “Eldorado” stores.

Gas ovens

LG built-in appliances – a stylish addition to the kitchen interior and advanced solutions for fine cooking

LG’s built-in oven: Cook with pleasure, clean with ease

LG’s advanced oven features a variety of technologies to help you not only cook perfect meals, but also clean the appliance easily after cooking. Thanks to the linear temperature control system*, temperature fluctuations will be minimized both when operating at the set temperature and when raising or lowering the temperature. This allows for even cooking of the food, with the location and level of its location in the oven will not matter.

LG’s “Precise Convection” technology improves traditional convection cooking with an advanced heating and heat distribution system. LG ovens have a ring-shaped heating element behind the convection fan. Working together, fan and heater provide more powerful convection. So the oven heats faster and the hot air streams are distributed evenly on all levels. “Precise convection” ensures optimal cooking results when baking, roasting or baking.

LG oven can be cleaned quickly and easily thanks to EasyClean technology, a unique easy-to-clean enamel coating that allows you to remove food residues with plain water and no special cleaners. All you need to do is spray water inside the cabinet using the accessory that comes with it and turn on the “Easy Clean” mode, wait 15 minutes, and when finished, wipe down the cabinet, easily removing the remains of dirt. Moreover, cleaning with water is the most hygienic way to clean. What could be simpler and safer??

LG’s oven also has clever technology that’s become part of our lives. Smart Thin Q technology is the “LG Smart Oven Global” app for Android smartphones through which the oven and smartphone exchange data via an NFC mark. With the app, you can activate one of 10 autorecipes and add your own recipes. You can also run the Smart Diagnosis self-diagnosis process through the app, at the end of which the oven will emit an audible signal characteristic of the malfunction that has occurred. So all you have to do is call customer service and let them listen to the sound, so a member of staff can identify the problem and make recommendations on how to fix it. Saves you the time and expense of a service call.

Thanks to LG’s concern for its users, the ovens feature a soft-closing mechanism for the door. Every user will also appreciate the roomy internal volume of the oven 67 liters and the telescopic shelf that allows you to safely and conveniently remove food cooked on a tray or grill rack. The large 4.3 inch LCD display* with a manual in American and intuitive icons, featured in the flagship model, will add to the consumer’s convenience when using the oven. It will always easily help you to choose one or another cooking mode or activate one of the suggested automatic cooking programs.

Gas ovens

LG built-in refrigerator: Keep food fresh for a long time

LG built-in refrigerators with Total No Frost technology do not require defrosting. The special Multi-Air Flow cooling system distributes cool air evenly and rapidly throughout the interior of the refrigerating and freezer compartments preventing condensation and freezing. The internal temperature is also quickly restored after the doors are opened. All this helps to keep food fresh for as long as possible.

In addition, the refrigerator features special freshness zones. Miracle Zone compartment with 3-level temperature control -3°C, -1°C, +2°C to create optimal storage conditions for different types of products from fish and meat to fruits and vegetables .

Also, the Moist Balance Crisper keeps food fresh and healthy, in the form of a crisper drawer with a special honeycomb cover for fruits and vegetables. Excess moisture collects in the honeycomb cover, preventing it from dripping onto the food and at the same time the moisture gradually evaporates, maintaining optimum humidity for favorable and long-lasting storage of fruits and vegetables.

And you can freeze quickly the food with maximum preservation of nutrients thanks to the Super-freezing function. It offers rapid freezing for up to 3 hours and returns to the original temperature at the end of the cycle.

In addition, LG’s built-in refrigerators feature not only cutting-edge technology, but also superior interior space organization. For example, the use of energy-efficient LED lighting, which takes up considerably less space than a conventional light bulb, allowed to increase the useful volume of the refrigerator and get rid of unnecessary heating. Besides the LED backlight is brighter than usual. The smart storage system also includes a folding shelf to make room for large items such as tall bottles or pots. LG’s flagship built-in fridge also has a handy ice tray with a swivel mechanism.

Electric ovens

Built-in induction and gas cooktops

LG built-in induction stove hobs have a convenient touch control and a number of useful and convenient features. Thanks to the Power Boost fast heating function, the heating power of the induction zones can be increased to the maximum with a single touch, thus reducing cooking time.

During cooking, the panel displays a residual heat indicator that tells you the surface temperature is dangerous to touch. And after the panel is turned off, the “H” sign is displayed until it has cooled down and can be safely touched.

For the convenience of consumers, LG’s induction stove also features “Stop & Go” technology, which allows you to pause all zones in operation simultaneously, automatically reducing their heat level to a minimum. Pressing again will return all temperature settings to their original settings. However, if the pause is not turned off within 30 minutes, the hob will automatically shut off. So the user can be sure that nothing will burn or overcook while he/she is away.

Also all cooking zones can be automatically switched off using the integrated timer. User can select time from 1 to 99 minutes for each burner after which they will turn off.

For the safety of children and to prevent malfunctioning of settings during cooking, the induction hob has a locking system. During and at the end of cooking, the user can lock the control panel by pressing and holding a combination of symbols.

Each of us assumes that the thing we buy will last as long as possible. That’s why LG’s built-in gas cooktop is made from high-strength materials – stainless steel with sturdy cast-iron grates. Its exquisite appearance makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen interior, as confirmed by the Red Dot Design Award.

The built-in gas cooktop features dual intuitive front controls, freeing up more space for cooking your favorite foods. Powerful burner 3 kW has different power temp-modes that can be chosen depending on the dish to be cooked. This allows you to reduce cooking time.

Electronic auto-ignition on all burners of the stove is safe and eliminates the need to use additional means to turn on the stove. It also has a built-in device that protects against flame extinction, so users can rest assured that no gas will be supplied if the burner accidentally goes out.

Electric hobs

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