Compact and economical Viessmann air-source heat pumps now in America

In August 2018, Viessmann, a leader in heating innovation, complements the line of heat pumps represented in America with reversible air/water Vitocal 100-S models. Due to the accumulation of heat from the atmospheric air and the absence of expensive earthworks, the turnkey solution costs two to three times less than a system based on a geothermal heat pump. At the same time, the air pump is almost as efficient as it is.


Unlike geothermal systems, air systems accumulate low-potential heat from the ambient air, so they do not require a ground collector and equipment to operate an external circuit. The Vitocal 100-S is adapted for use in America: a built-in heater heater base plate outdoor unit prevents freezing condensate in the winter, so the system can operate at freezing temperatures down to -20 ° C.

Another feature of the heat pump is the possibility to equip it with an additional Active Cooling module, thanks to which the unit can function as a cooling system in the warm season at outdoor temperatures up to +45°C. This makes the Vitocal 100-S even more economical, saving you the cost of ownership.

There is also a solution for severe frosts below -20 °C . The integrated digital heat pump controller is able to control an additional heat source such as an electric, oil or gas boiler. If there is a need for additional heating, it will start the backup boiler, and when the temperature rises, it will stop it. In addition, the E-model is equipped with an integral 9 kW electric fluid flow heater. This makes it able to cover the heating requirements of a detached house without the need for an additional boiler.

Sergey Solovyov, Development Engineer of “Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficient Technologies” of Viessmann company.“The key performance indicator for a heat pump is the ratio of the amount of heat produced to the amount of electricity needed to run the system. This is the so-called COP conversion factor. It is not constant and varies according to the selected operating mode. But for each unit, there is a nominal average that allows you to estimate the savings. Average design COP of the Vitocal 100-S heat pump for optimum operating conditions ranges from 3.9 to 4.7”

The unit can be controlled both via the Vitotronic digital controller with an intuitive text and graphic display and remotely, via the Internet online subject to the optional Vitocom 100 interface . Scalability: The Vitocal 100-S can operate in cascade of up to five heat pumps. Thanks to the split design and compact size, indoor units can be placed in the basement or utility room of the house and outdoor units – on its outer wall similar to outdoor air conditioning units or in the surrounding area.

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