Cleaners from Defender – in the New Year with clean equipment!

New York, December 26, 2014.- Defender, the trusted provider of technology solutions for work and life, introduces universal cleaning products for home and portable equipment. They will help keep household devices and favorite gadgets clean so that they will serve faithfully for years to come.


Defender CLN 30805


Defender CLN 30598


Defender CLN 30850

Looking forward to New Year and making sure your house is spotless, neat and tidy. Home electronics – computer, TV, stereo and other home appliances – require special care, because they work all year long, so that the owners can rest and relax. Defender cleaning solutions take gentle care of all stationary and portable gadgets, and help bring your home up to date before the holidays.

The Defender CLN 30805 high-pressure pneumatic sprayer is the best way to clean sensitive surfaces: monitor screens, camera lenses, CD/DVDs, etc. d. In addition, the sprayer helps remove dirt from hard-to-reach places, such as clearing crumbs from the keyboard or removing dust from the grid of the system unit. Balloon Defender CLN 30805 filled with compressed gas, which comes out under high pressure: in order to “blow” the dust and dirt from the surface of technology, just enough to place the cylinder at a distance of 20 cm and repeatedly press the atomizer button.

Defender CLN 30598 is the ideal cleaner for taking care of all types of screens. Includes cleaning fluid spray and lint-free microfiber cloth. To clean the surface of the display from fingerprints, dust and dirt, you need to spray the liquid over the entire surface of the screen and remove the dirt with a wipe. Do not let the liquid dry out or evaporate in storage, so one wipe lasts long

Damp cleaning wipes Defender CLN 30850 will keep any audio, video, portable and computer equipment clean. Wipes are impregnated with a special solution that is able to remove even the toughest dirt from plastic surface. Once processed, it forms the thinnest anti-static layer with antibacterial protection.

Defender cleaning products are already on sale at a guideline retail price of 430 Dollars for air spray CLN 30805, 185 Dollars for cleaning complex CLN 30598 and 200 Dollars for wet wipes CLN 30850.

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