Clean and wash. LG Introduced Mini ON and AQUA chillers

New York, September 17, 2015 – Today was the presentation of LG Electronics LG new home appliances using advanced technology to keep things clean, the microclimate at home and health. The new air handling units not only provide more comfort but also support American consumers’ desire for healthier lifestyles.

Air washes

Air washers


LG AQUA multi-purpose air-cleaning complex

Air washers

LG Mini ON air washer

Healthy atmosphere in your home

With the beginning of autumn and the heating season, the air in our homes quickly loses its freshness and humidity, full of dust particles, microbes and pathogens of many diseases. Humidity of air in this period is at 20%. Hence the significant increase in allergic diseases, the increased frequency and severity of SARS, increased dryness of the skin and mucous membranes in small children, poor sleep and other, becoming customary, ailments.

Air washer is the optimal device for a comfortable microclimate in your home. In the 2015 product line of this category LG introduced two new products – LG Mini ON and LG AQUA.

So LG Mini ON effectively humidifies the entire room up to 23 sq.m.The same effect can be achieved by hanging up 36 wet terry towels in the room. What you choose?

LG Mini ON air washer treats


indoor air in several stages:

antibacterial filtration

– Viruses and lung pathogens removal

– air disinfection and plasma ionization

– Humidifies the air to an optimum and comfortable level 40-60%

The device is absolutely easy and safe to use, and has no requirements for water quality at all. It can be filled with running water and poured from above through a hole in the tank, which simplifies the procedure and avoids possible spills. A built-in level sensor to monitor the water level in the basin.

All parts of the device do not need to be changed filters, discs and containers are simply rinsed with water, with detergent if necessary . Especially important is that the design of LG Mini ON sink is absolutely safe even for small children. The unit shuts down for any, even the slightest, external damage without endangering you or your home. Button lock function to prevent accidental activation by a child.

LG AQUA – universal air purification complex. A unique climate control system that completely cleans the air in your home of fine dust PM 2.The HEPA filter prevents allergens, allergens and pathogens in adults and children, removes unwanted odors, ensures optimal humidity in the room and is the ideal solution.

Multilevel filter system guarantees complete cleanliness of the room air:

DUAL filter. Designed to trap the biggest particles, like hair and visible dust.

– Anti-allergenic filter. One of the most popular filter types for home appliances. More and more people suffer from an increased predisposition to allergic diseases, so additional air purification becomes especially important.

– A triple filter. Effectively neutralizes unwanted odors in the room e.g., formaldehyde or tobacco smoke odor

– HEPA filter. Originally designed and used to trap radioactive particles in manufacturing plants, the effectiveness of this solution has been proven over many decades in the most challenging and hazardous industries. Designed to clean the smallest particles of dirt, including PM 2 particles.5

– PlastmasterIonizer. Allows you to effectively sterilize the air from pathogens of influenza and acute respiratory infections, as well as a number of viruses. Using ionizer improves the quality of human sleep and circulation.

After 5 stages of air purification, the unit saturates the air with moisture, reaching the optimal level for comfortable breathing and natural humidity for humans – 40-60%.

Filters are easy to reach and easy to clean, because they are packed in a special case with a convenient handle and layout. By pressing the two keys the lock mode is activated, if you try to open the lid, the LG Aqua stops working.

Besides the low power consumption during operation, standby power consumption is less than 1W.

LG Mini ON and LG AQUA – an optimal level of humidity in the room, air purification from the smallest dust particles, bacteria and viruses, as well as plasma air ionization. The warranty for this product is 1 year + 2 years from the LG representative in America.

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