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Winter is coming, which means that with it the heating season. This is a time to pay special attention to the humidity level in the house. Air quality is a major factor affecting health and therefore appearance, low humidity not only affects the body’s immunity, but also causes the skin to age prematurely and peel off. Dryness, skin and breathing problems, fatigue, allergies, feeling unwell – the main cause of all these symptoms may be dry air! For a comfortable stay, it should be at least 55%, and in winter it can drop to 20%.


Polaris PUH 1805i


Polaris PUH 2204


Polaris PUH 2506

Children are the most sensitive to variations in humidity levels, and newborns are the most sensitive, because the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx critically perceives the rate of 50%. Their sensitivity is the highest, and therefore it is particularly important to pay attention to the humidity level in the children’s room. How to create an optimal microclimate in the apartment?

Here we come to the aid of modern technology – humidifiers Polaris! One of the most effective models to date – ultrasonic, such humidifiers create a mist of microscopic droplets of water with ultrasonic vibrations.

Polaris PUH 2204 is a great option among the compact ultrasonic humidifiers with a water tank volume of 3.5l., Which fit perfectly in a small room, bedroom or child’s room up to 24 sq.m. , a small room, a bedroom or a child’s room up to 22 sq.m. .m . The device is easy to operate due to the convenient touch-sensitive system and the 3 modes of steam. For large rooms up to 30 sq. m is perfect for another representative among the ultrasonic models with a tank capacity of 6 liters and an increased area of humidification – Polaris PUH 2506.Thanks to the electronic panel the device is accurate in setting, and the function “warm steam” will ensure comfortable use even in the cold season and help to make winter evenings really warm and cozy. The built-in ionizer will freshen and purify the air, laconic shape and rubberized casing will fit the interior of any room.

Modern model Polaris PUH 1805i will suit the most demanding customers. This humidifier combines the most advanced technologies such as multifunction display, remote control, electronic hygrometer and built-in ionizer. And thanks to the ceramic water filter, you can use tap water.

With pollution and pollution in our big cities, we have to watch our air quality along with humidity levels. Humidifier with air cleaning function air washer is ideal for solving this problem, because it solves two problems simultaneously: humidification and purification. Among its advantages are unpretentious in use – you can use regular tap water and in the future you will not need to change filters. Easy to operate, silent model Polaris PAW 2201, working on the principle of washing, thanks to a built-in multi-stage filter will free the air from dust and dirt, and you from unnecessary worries. Ideal for small spaces and harmless for children.

All new products are already on sale: PUH 2204 – 2299 Dollars, PUH 2506 – 5599 Dollars, PUH 1805i – 5199 Dollars, PAW 2201 – 10 999 Dollars.

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