Clatronic ICM 3225 ice cream maker test

This ice cream maker has two features: a large volume and a timer with automatic shutoff. The bowl is quite large and wide, but thanks to the standard height it fits in the freezer quite easily.

Ice cream makers

Large serving capacity, automatic controls, accessibility.


Disadvantages: ice cream needs to be “brought to hardness” in the freezer. Few recipes in the manual.

Clatronic Clatronic_ICM_3225 ice cream maker

Ice cream maker Clatronic ICM 3225


Serving capacity: 800 ml.

Dimensions: height – 27 cm, diameter of the base – 20.6 cm. Weight: 2.4 kg.

Bowl: removable – height 15 cm, d inside diameter 5 mm. 13,8 cm, d external. 20,5 cm, with handles 23 cm width of the walls &asymp 3.7 cm, bowl weight 1584 g. Controls: timer with auto shut off – max. time 30 min., 5 min step. Power: 15W.

Accessories: mixing paddle, protective lid for the bowl, drip tray, power cord length 160 cm, instruction manual with recipes. Country of Origin: Germany/China. Guaranty: 1 year.

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How it works

This ice cream maker has two features: a large capacity and a timer with automatic shutoff. The bowl is quite large and wide, but thanks to the standard height it fits easily enough in the freezer. It is set on a tray to work. Small triangles are painted on the lid and the bowl.

To get the dish to work, the lids have to be put in place. If the lid is not on correctly, the freezer won’t turn on. This protection protects the kitchen from splashing mixture and protects the owners from accidental injury.

Small kitchen appliances

The instruction says that the ice cream mixture can be poured into the container, and then you can put the lid on and turn on the mixer. We did both and poured the mixture into the running appliance through the hole in the lid. In the latter case, less ice cream sticks to the walls of the bowl than in the first variant. But in both cases, the amount of stuck ice cream is minimal.

The freezer is started by a timer: just set the time and the appliance begins to work. After the set time the machine switches off automatically and an audible alarm sounds.

Due to the larger volume than competitors, the ice cream takes a little longer to make – 30 or 40 minutes. True, the timer only lasts 30 minutes, and the instructions often say 40. So, after half an hour, you need to see if the mixture has solidified, and run the ice cream maker for another 10 minutes.

The large bowl has handles that make it easy to carry from place to place.

Noise level

The appliance operates with the same noise as a mixer when whipping or blender.

Mixing paddles

Ice cream makers

Large, stirring ice cream all over the bowl. Some ice cream sticks to them – apparently this is due to the consistency of the dessert.


We made vanilla ice cream in this machine several times and noticed that it turned out very soft: it does not hold the shape of a spoon. Eat it either immediately after making it, or put it in the freezer to harden.

We believe that this result is due to the large volume of both the bowl and the product. 800 ml is 200 ml for a family of 4. By the way, it is the only dough ice cream maker that can treat so many people.

The function of the pan under the bowl is not quite clear. We just set the bowl on it while working, and then we read in the manual that this part is intended for serving. It is not quite clear what the producers had in mind as the ice cream is served in the cremains.


Their list is given in the instruction manual of the appliance. Only three recipes are enough for such a big machine. It must be said that all the types of ice cream listed here need quite a lot of prepping. It is recommended to chill the two mixes in the freezer before making them. Dana – Vanilla ice cream, Frozen yogurt, Lime sorbet. We have made vanilla ice cream several times. Always tasty and fluffy.

Ice cream maker Clatronic ICM 3225

Overall impression

We liked that this ice cream maker is suitable for a large family, and the kids won’t fight over the toppings: enough ice cream for everyone. It is convenient to control it with a timer – when you forget about it, the freezer shuts down on its own at the right moment. It would be desirable that manufacturers placed more recipes in the instruction manual.


Overall Score




The ice cream is very soft. But there’s plenty in one serving – enough to satisfy the appetite of 4 people.



Cooking time can be easily adjusted with a timer. The frosting machine switches off automatically.

Care and storage


Maintenance is minimal. Because the bowl is big, it needs a lot of freezer space.

Price/quality ratio


Price is affordable. A huge number of stores in runet offer this model.

Overall score


Large ice cream maker with easy operation, but for best results you need to take the ice cream out to the freezer.

8 + 10+8+9 :3 = 17


: 1990 Dollars.

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